How to Make the Most of Summer in Quarantine

Depending on your state, stay at home policies will vary as we transition to easing restrictions as time progresses this summer. Whether you want to get outside ASAP after finals or continue stay at home, here’s some tips to make the most of your summer during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  1. 1. Binge Watch TV Immediately After Finals

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    This quarter has been rough. You deserve the time and space to reflect, heal, unwind, and process everything that has happened this quarter after finals are over. Whether you feel like binge watching Netflix for two weeks after finals, indulging in your favorite snacks, sleeping in, journaling, and more remember this: you deserve to use this time in any way you please. However, after taking that time for yourself, remember to take action after! This can be through many different forms depending on your goals and visions for the future; a simple way to take action in your life is to make a list of the things you wish to accomplish or see happen. As long as you start somewhere and work towards it, you’ve already on the way to achieving success!

  2. 2. Keep in Touch With Friends & Loved Ones

    While it may be challenging to visit with friends still this summer, a text, call, or FaceTime chat can go a long way to stay connected and supported with your besties. Something that has personally helped me get through this quarter is scheduling time to regularly chat or watch TV with my friends on days where our schedules matched. As a result, I always looked forward to watching Netflix on Friday’s with my bestie and talking to my boyfriend in the evenings. Sending loved one’s homemade care packages and cards is also a great way to send a surprise their way and to remind them that you are thinking of them, miss them, and love them.

  3. 3. Learn Something New

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    Without the stress of school and the extra free time, now is the perfect opportunity to learn something new! You can learn a new language, instrument, recipes, and so much more. Every week you can even dedicate a day towards learning something new, such as trying out a new makeup look, baking a pie for the first time, or learning how to sew. Personally, I’m planning on learning how to sew with my mom this summer. We plan on starting out simple with pillowcases and moving our way up to more challenging projects! Whatever is that you choose to learn, make sure to choose something that excites you or that is something you’ve always wanted to try but never felt like you had the time for.  

  4. 4. Work on Your Goals

    Even though coronavirus has halted many of our plans, don’t let it hold back your goals! If you had goals such as getting an internship, going on a study abroad trip, or like me, working at summer camp–try to use this summer to prepare for goals such as these to be met in the future. For example, if you were expecting to visit a specific country this summer, try to see if there’s free classes online where you can learn more about the culture and customs of that region or classes that will teach you the native language of that country! And if none of your goals were affected by COVID-19, lucky you!! Take this time to keep working towards your aspirations. One goal I’m *actually* going to try and be serious about this summer is getting into a serious workout routine. We’re only young once so now is the time to make the most of our summer, even if it didn’t go as expected! What will you do this summer?