How To Maintain Your Long Distance Friendships

Everyone knows dating long distance is difficult and puts a strain on relationships, but no one talks about how it can be just as hard to maintain friendships while apart. When I left for college, I left people that I had grown up with, who had known me for years and lived within a ten minute drive of me. Here are some things I’ve learned about maintaining friendships from far away.

1. Some friendships will get stronger...and some will get a lot weaker

When a friendship is tested by distance, you find out who is important to you. There may be some people you never talk to again. If you see this starting to happen, ask yourself a few things. Why are you growing apart? Are you both bad at communicating or is it due to a lack of effort? Did their friendship bring you something that you will miss? Consider these things, and then decide if you want to reach out and reconnect with them or continue to drift apart.

2. Call and text each other spontaneously

Send them a message, gif, or a funny pic. If it’s out of nowhere, it will probably make their day by letting them know that you’re thinking of them. It also shows that you’re making an effort to stay in touch

3. Find ways of communication that work for you both

Some of my friends refuse to text, some refuse to talk on the phone, and some barely touch their phone. I have one friend where we call each other all the time and neither person picks up, so we just leave long-winded voicemails instead. I have another friend who never uses her phone, so we write each other letters! It’s actually proved to be the most efficient way for us to talk. Find what works for you to stay in touch!

4. Don’t worry if you don’t talk as often as you thought you would

You don’t need to talk every day, week, or even month to maintain a friendship. Life gets busy and it can be difficult to communicate frequently. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about each other or your friendship isn’t strong.

5. Distance from old friends opens up opportunity for new ones

It’s tough leaving behind the people you know and love, but it makes space for new people to come in. Keep an open mind and enjoy meeting new people!