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How to Have the Perfect Spring Break Staycation

To college students, spring break usually means spending long days and nights partying in Mexico or Canada. However, if your wallet is a little tight around this time of year, don’t fret! There are a lot of good reasons why staying home can be just as fun (and a lot healthier) than going out and partying for a week straight. Here are five reasons why having a chill spring break at home can be more beneficial for your mind, heart, and wellbeing. 

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1) You can take a hike, spend the day outdoors, and see the world where you live in a totally new light. Springtime means good weather, and the best way to capitalize on all that sunshine and warmth is to explore the outdoors! Go on a walk to a place you’ve never been before, take in the wildlife, and just relax. You’d be surprised about all the cool things you can find around you by just taking the time to look. 

2) You can host day parties with barbecues, bonfires, and catch up with friends you haven’t seen in ages. Hanging out with close friends and catching up over some good food and some sun is always your best bet for a good time, and what better time to do so over spring break at home? 

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3) You can get cooking and learn totally new recipes that will blow everyone’s minds. Dorm food got you wishing for something better? Use your kitchen at home and get creative! There are hundreds of different cuisines and millions of different recipes you could experiment with. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even end up finding a new favorite food to be obsessed with! 

4) You’ll finally have time to watch those TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch! Yes, it’s a bummer when you have literally no time for your one true love Netflix since during the school week, you’re bogged down with work, studying, and other responsibilities. Take some time this spring break and get caught up with your favorite shows, or start a few new ones. You’ll definitely have something to gossip about when coming back to school. 

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5) You can sit back with a cup of tea (or a soda), put your legs up, and read a good book (or ten)! Reading books is defintely something most college kids sadly don’t have time to do anymore. Take some time this spring break to lose yourself in the worlds of other characters. Hit up your local library or thrift store for some new gems. When was the last time you stayed up until 3:00 in the morning reading a really good book? 

Spring break doesn’t have to involve intense partying or overpriced plane flights. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a relaxing, memorable experience. It’s whatever you make of it!

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