How To Get Through Sick Days

No-one likes getting sick, and it’s even worse when the weather is all grey and cold outside as that is usually what contributes to getting ill in the first place. I usually try and stay healthy all year round and can safely say that I am not susceptible to catching the common cold or flu that haunts campus during autumn and winter quarter. However, the few times I do get pretty sick, I never know what to do for those long days I have to take time off school for. While currently suffering from mono, I decided to compile a list of things that people can do to pass time while they’re sick.

1. Watch movies and drink hot chocolate

I don’t think there is anything better out there than cozying up under warm blankets, watching a funny rom-com and drinking hot chocolate when you’re sick. Movies like Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Princess Diaries and A Cinderella Story (my personal favorites to watch on a sick day) can make your mood go from 0 - 10. And there’s just something about hot chocolate as a drink that seems to cure almost anything. 

2. Reading a book

Another great way to spend your day at home — it amazing how quickly you can get lost in a good book. I tend to go for lighter reading when I’m sick just because my brain usually doesn’t function properly so finding good short stories online or even re-reading a personal favorite book is what I usually go for.

3. Baking

If you have the energy to bake, I would recommend it because the best part is eating a freshly baked cookie or batch of cupcakes straight out of the oven. Even though it’s probably not the healthiest food to be putting into your body, it’s comforting and everyone needs that when you’re sick. It's even better if a friend or family member suprises you with something freshly baked. 

4. Pamper yourself

Face masks, hair treatments, massages or getting your nails done can be a great way to pass time as well as make yourself feel and look better on the outside when you’re ill. Lighting some candles and even relaxing in a hot bath with some fancy bath bombs or oils can be soothing to the body. 

5. Create a playlist of happy songs

Most people feel pretty down when they’re sick and I am definitely one of those people that listens to depressing music to try and match how I’m feeling. Making a playlist of happy, uplifting songs can make you feel 100 times better.