How to Cope with Your Boy’s “No Nut November”

It’s that time of the year again: a time of sacrifice, survival, and struggle. It is No Nut November (NNN). This humorous, yet daring, internet challenge invites men from all around the globe to give up “nutting” for the entire month of November, whether it be through masturbation or intercourse. Though almost every male being on the planet attempts to last the entire month, not many succeed. There is no real objective when it comes to winning, one just receives bragging rights. 

And while the challenge is directed at boys and their struggle to not “bust a nut”, their partners also have to deal with the hilarious consequences of this challenge. The prohibiting of “nutting” does not just mean that the boys are cut short of pleasure, but also for those who are in a relationship with the participant. It is a lose-lose situation and both sides are not happy about this. But we are survivors; we are warriors; both sides will survive this. And this is how: 


1. Have a little bit of “Me Time”

Bring out the vibrators, lilac-scented candles, lingerie, and laptop. Lock your doors and get to know yourself a bit more. (and yes, I mentioned lingerie because who says you can’t look good for yourself?) There is no shame in having a little bit of “me time” to wind down and just be by yourself. It’s healthy. It’s natural. Not only does it benefit you, but you can inform your boy about the ways he can help you after NNN is over. 

If this is not the move, then that’s alright! There are other ways to have a bit of “me time” that doesn’t involve masturbation but still result in pleasure. Log in to your favorite store and do some online shopping. Do your nails, get your hair done, clean your room, and do whatever you want to do that makes you feel good about yourself and your position in life right now. In my own personal experience, while I do enjoy my own “me time” in bed, it is nice to just treat myself out to a cup of coffee or ice cream and just relax with my headphones in as I organize my Spotify playlists. My “me time” consists of things I find relaxing with just me, myself, and I and nobody else. Because sometimes there are times where you just need to be alone and enjoy the sole company of yourself.


2. Distractions, distractions, distractions

Use this month to go out more and be spontaneous when it comes to dates! Distractions are a great way to help cope with NNN by replacing the desires and urges with doing other things that get your blood pumping. Ever try bouldering or rock climbing? Maybe go on hikes or explore new restaurants in your city? It is a nice way to spend time with one another and distract everyone involved. If the urges usually come at nighttime, go to a theme park! Roller coasters at night are the scariest, yet most thrilling, activities to do at night. If not that, pick up some of your favorite fast-food and drive up to a view for some late-night views and talks. In all honesty, those are the best. 


3. Make him lose  

Now this one might sound cruel, but it’ll be more fun for you than for him. There is this flirty, casual, tactic that I love that is called “teasing.” Now, there are many ways this can play out but the end goal is to have him forfeit the challenge. You can persuade him through words, through actions, or just by the casual flirtatious nature that may give him that push he needs. I’m not saying to force the dude, but just give him those little nudges he needs to end the challenge. (wink wink, do you see what I’m saying?)


I bid you a safe journey and wish you the best of luck in dealing with NNN. May the odds be ever in your favor.

*Shoutout to Brian and Kevin for suggesting this topic*