How to Cake Your Face like a Bad B*tch!

As we approach Destroy Dick December, it is essential that us ladies get our morning routines in order! I guarantee that once you try this morning routine, you will look forward to waking up every day. Your acne will clear up and that morning daze you experience when you need to peel yourself out of bed for an 8:30 will fade completely. Let’s get started with the first step to achieving that subtle but vibrant glow: lather an excessive amount of moisturizer all over your face, neck, and body. My favorite moisturizer is from the company that also offers all the other products that I will be mentioning later: "Bad B*tch Factory", and their best product is a part of their "I don’t need makeup to look cute" range. After moisturizer, please wear sunscreen (don’t skip this step, this should be applied everyday as the sun’s harmful rays are just as detrimental in January as they are in the scorching hot).

Now that the skin care portion of your morning is secured, it’s time to move on to (my favorite part) makeup. First things first: you need to even out your skin with some foundation. My favorite foundation for the fall time is the "Yes, I am Single, Keep Walking", because this product gives me a skin-like finish so that everyone is blinded by my beaming melanin. Next, you’ll need concealer to cancel out the undereye bags that you might get from staying up late preparing for that job interview that took you an extraordinary amount of effort to secure. Again, the Bad B*tch Factory (B.B.F) offers a great product for this which is the "I Worked My A** Off to Be Standing Here", because this reinforces the fact that my undereyes are bright like my future. After concealer, comes rouge and this is a must-have this fall because the harsh weather can dry out your skin so a little color can bring you back to life. I personally recommend the "I’m Cute and I Definitely Know It" shade because it showcases my inner youth (as well as my spontaneity which is a crucial character trait).

After the blush shows off your spontaneous and fun side, you’ll need highlighter to get "the natural glow from within" look. My current obsession is the "I’m Sorry, Did I Blind You with My Ambitions?" from the B.B.F because this emphasizes the glow that I genuinely emit from within because of my drive and dedication. Just a fair warning though that this product is incredibly pigmented, so I absolutely recommend going overboard with this. Last, and definitely not least (in fact, my favorite) is lip gloss. Gloss is like the bow on top of the gift that brings everything together. You’ll need gloss this fall because, the current trend is putting your confidence on display and embracing yourself to the fullest. And the B.B.F gloss, "I Wear My (Inner) Baddie on My Sleeve", accentuates my most attractive feature: that what you see is what you get (as well as my soft, juicy lips). Thus, I highly recommend that everyone go check out these products if you want clearer skin on top of acquiring the ability to embrace yourself unapologetically.