An Honest Review of Seattle's New Amazon Go Store

Today, I shopped at the mysterious Amazon Go store. I had heard about the “just walk out” system of shopping, and I had to try it for myself. I was pretty skeptical as to how it would work, and even after shopping I have no idea how Amazon pulled it off. When I arrived, I was prompted by staff standing outside the store to download the Amazon Go app and link a payment method. Then I was handed a bag, and I scanned a QR code on the app as I walked in. You don’t need an account of your own to get in, you can use a friends. Apparently you can even turn your phone off after entering, and Amazon will still accurately determine what you buy.

I then browsed the compact store filled with a modest selection of groceries and premade lunches and meals. The products were high quality and fairly priced. As I selected items, changed my mind on some, and swapped out some items in my bag, I was confident there was no way Amazon would charge me correctly for what I was buying. After deciding on a couple of things, I walked out of the store. Five minutes later, a receipt was ready on my phone. To my astonishment, it was entirely accurate. If I had been incorrectly charged, I could have requested an immediate refund for any item. How they know what I bought, I have no idea. It felt like magic to me.

Overall, Amazon Go is not where I will be doing my regular grocery shopping. They lacked fresh produce and had a pretty limited selection. However, it was the perfect grab and go place to get a quick bite or run an errand. I could see this style of shopping being the future for corporations everywhere, from groceries to retail to fast food. I'd highly recommend you check it out if you have the chance and see what all the hype is about!