Here Are the Movies of 2018 That Are More Worthy of "Best Picture" than 'Green Book'

Because the black man whose name and legacy has been exploited becoming a "supporting character" in his own story tells you all you need to know about the movie. "Green Book" is a clueless display of tone-deaf pandering to neoliberal America. It pretends to be a brave, "woke" movie that stands up against prejudice but simply relays messages from decades past that are no longer relevant to modern society. Ali and Mortensen deliver warm and endearing performances that are simply not enough to save the film from its cliches and caricatures. It was created as a vanity project to make the white savior look good and as a circlejerk for white America as if to say "Isn't it great we're past these situations?" even though the racial tension in America has not dissipated and presents different problems today.


Movies that Tackle Race Better

Black History month just passed by and America hasn't made any progress in race relations for the past few years. These movies explore contemporary race-related issues such as police violence, colonialism, and wage slavery in capitalism.


Sorry to Bother You


If Beale St. Could Talk

Monsters and Men


Movies Directed by Women

Because there have only been 5 female nominees for Best Director and one winner (Kathryn Bigelow) in the history of the Oscars. Meanwhile Woody Allen has had 7 nominations while continuing to provide us with his pretentious self-inserts

Madeline's Madeline



Happy as Lazzaro

You Were Never Really Here

Leave No Trace

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Skate Kitchen

I Think We're Alone Now

The Kindergarten Teacher

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

The Tale

Let the Sunshine In


Movies that Were Overlooked

These are the movies of last year that delivered award-winning performances, direction, editing, and/or writing that received absolutely zero Oscar nominations. Undervalued movies such as 'Cold War' or 'At Eternity's Gate' do not even qualify for this category as these films hold nominations for 'Best Cinematography' or 'Best Actor'. This category is reserved only for the films which received no recognition from the Academy Awards (though some have lucked out in more obscure, independent film awards)


Eighth Grade

The Other Side of the Wind


The Death of Stalin


The Old Man & The Gun

Under the Silver Lake

They Shall Not Grow Old