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To the guy in my hall,

We met on occasion with my roommate banging on your door to introduce us to one another. Awkard “hi”’s were exchanged and that was that. In all honesty, I thought that was going to be the end of it and that we would just be those people that say hi to each other in the hallways. 

Oh, how wrong I was.

My original thought of barely seeing one another was entirely wrong. Suddenly, we were constantly running into one another in the lounge, on walks back to the dorm, and on occasion, due to my roommate’s need to borrow the occasional kitchenware – and I wasn’t bothered by it at all. Now, it’s normal for me to barge into your room to watch Breaking Bad until 3 AM with you and your roommate. It’s normal for us to cook pasta in the lounge; it’s normal for us to do homework with one another; and it’s normal for us to see each other every single day. You’re my best friend now and I can’t ask for anything better. 

My perception of friendship was always shattered. I was closed off from the idea that I could make new friends at a school where I didn’t know if I could ever fit in. I thought friendships were made to be short term and that eventually, they broke you down and hurt you. Becoming close to someone meant being vulnerable – and vulnerability is scary. However, you changed that for me. It’s that feeling of security, warmth, and happiness that you bring, and I am entirely grateful for that. You make me believe in something. I guess you can say I like you. 

We’re on facetime right now and you’re wondering what my Her Campus article is about for the week. I’m not spilling, but if you happen to find this article, just know I am in-debt to you. Thank you for believing in me and for making me believe in the thought of having someone. You’re a one-of-a-kind person. I hope you know that.


The girl down the hall



Trinity Chhay

Washington '23

Trinity is a contributing writer for HerCampus at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her interests include journalism, international studies, creative writing, and traveling!
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