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The Guide to Surviving Finals

Spring break is almost upon us! The cherry blossoms are to bloom on March 9th, so get ready to navigate your way through wandering tourists and families picnicking in the Quad, and to grab your phone to Instagram the beautiful flowers. But with spring break coming upon us and the cherry blossoms to be in full bloom, that also means dreaded finals and dead week is about to come. So here are some ways to de-stress and some great tips and places to study. 

1) Find a specific place to study. And once you have found the space in which you are most productive and focused in, study at the same place every time.

2) Find a time of day in which you concentrate best and what works with your schedule. Use that time every day to study, and that consistency will help to develop great study habits.

3) Take a breather. In between studying it’s important to take a break to allow yourself to relax and to re-energize.


Some great places on campus to study include…

Foster LibraryA great place to study by yourself in a quiet environment or to work on a project with a team in a reserved room on the second floor.  

Suzzallo Need a break or place to study in between classes? Suzzallo is perfect as not only is it one of the most beautiful spots on campus, but there is also a café, so if you ever need some caffeine or quick snack this is the place to study!

Odegaard If you ever need to get some late night studying, Odegaard is the place to be. Not only is it a 24 hour library, it also has by George, which serves breakfast, lunch, and late-nights during midterms to finals. 


Student at the University of Washington majoring in Business Administration. Lover of TV shows, night owl, and self-professed professional online window shopper. I have a strong interest towards gender studies, entrepreneurship, technology, and pop-culture. Am currently involved with Startup UW, Operation Smile, and ASUW Women's Action Commission.     
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