Going Home For Spring Break & Why It's So Underrated

For many of us, spring break is a time where we pack our bags and have a fun-filled week-long getaway with our girlfriends. We look forward to sunbathing out by a pool, beach, or ocean, day-drinking and partying all night long, and of course, taking a million of Insta-worthy pics.

But for some of us, spring break is just a week-long period where we get to unwind and spend time with those we love the most, in the place we’ve called home since we were little. But why does no one speak about this type of spring break?

Before I even started college, I knew that spring break meant college students going crazy and getting wasted in some sort of tropical place. It is so exploited in our society, that magazines make millions of articles geared towards preparing for it, flight prices to Cabo or Cancún skyrocket like crazy, and even movies are made about it.

It’s like spring break isn’t just another Thanksgiving break or winter break, but a whole different holiday where we are supposed to let loose and have “fun” in a very specific way.

Truth is, spring break is just a break. There’s no set way as to how you should spend it. I know, shocker.

If we treat spring break just as any other break, then spending a whole week with my family can be just as fun. Especially because many of us leave our family to pursue college somewhere far way, so whenever we visit home, we cherish every second we spend together.

Going home for spring break is something many of us look forward to, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

And honestly, you can regret blacking out in an unknown place surrounded by immature college boys, but you’ll never regret the time you spend with your parents or siblings.