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Get Out of the U-District

I hadn’t been to the Frye Art Museum since high school. A few weekends back, I took the trip up to First Hill to visit the museum, and I’m glad I did! Perhaps I had forgotten its greatness, but I need to inform y’all that if you haven’t been to the Frye yet, you should because it rules. If you’re looking for a nice *FREE* (yes it’s free, but you should definitely donate!) daytime activity, it’s a great place to go. When I went, I was able to view the two current exhibitions: Tête-à-tête and the Degenerate Art Ensemble.
Always keep an eye peeled for this place. Past exhibitions that I’ve caught have been The Puppet Show and R. Crumb’s Underground.

Avalon is in her second year at the University of Washington, and currently pursuing a BA in Global Studies. When she's not in class, Avalon works at UWB's Learning Technologies center as a student assistant. She enjoys making lists, eating delicious food, watching movies, and crafting. Avalon's favorite town is probably Cabo San Lucas.
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