Five Reasons Why Harry Styles is the Best Man Alive

As Harry Styles’s second album, Fine Line, is set to be released December 13th of this month, I think it’s fine time that we take a look back at the phenomenon that is Harry Styles. Former teen heartthrob and British boy-band singer, ever since he took the stage in 2010 singing acapella of Isn't she lovely by Stevie Wonder in his X-Factor UK audition, he has been stealing girl’s hearts, including myself. I have stanned Harry Styles since day one, and will forever stan him, and you should, too. So, I thought, with his new album coming out, it would be an appropriate time to make a list on why Harry Styles is the best man to ever grace this beautiful earth. 

  1. 1. He loves everyone for who they are

    If you have ever seen videos of Harry, or been to one of his concerts, or honestly even listened to him talk for a few minutes, you know that he loves diversity and uniqueness. With his wide known slogan of ‘Treat People With Kindness’, he parades around his concerts with pride flags to show his LGBTQ support, and encourages fans to bring Black Lives Matter posters, Pride posters, Trans flags, and basically be able to express themselves however they want. He deems his concerts as a safe space, claiming that he ever wants anyone to feel like they can’t truly be themselves at one of his shows, and I think that’s just darling.

  2. 2. He has the BEST fashion taste

    I mean, have you seen this man dress? Evolving from shy small-town British boy to international singer, you can see his confidence grow throughout the years, as well as his sense of fashion. Harry starts to amp his style up during the last leg of One Direction, but doesn’t really go full out until he partners with Gucci. Serving as the genderless fashion icon for Gucci Tailoring, he blurs the lines between what is masculine and what is considered feminine. This man isn’t afraid to put on a skirt or a dress, and rock it better than I ever could. With countless looks that he has worn at red carpet events, and in his shows, his sense of style always makes me want to burst out of my comfort zone and try something that I never have before.

  3. 3. His music is PRISTINE

    I know most people might raise their eyebrows here, but ever since Harry left One Direction, his music style changed, and I mean a LOT. Gone are the mindless teen bops (still bangers, though!) and in comes wonderful indie-esque rock music that makes me feel like I'm in the 80s. His debut self-titled album is full of soulful heart-wrenching songs like Two Ghosts and From the Dining Table, to headbangers like Carolina and Kiwi, and of course, the famous 6 minute ballad Sign of the Times, that makes me tear up literally every single time I hear it. It’s full of soul, love, heartbreak, and snippets of Harry’s life that we get to experience in fantastic music. Not to mention, his new single Lights up gives off a psychedelic rock feel with lyrics that hint about sexual ambiguity and letting go of one’s self, and it seems like that might be the direction his next album is going as well. If you haven’t ever listened to his solo music, I definitely recommend taking the time to listen to it. 

  4. 4. He is so giving

    Harry always preaches about treating people with kindness, and love, and it’s not just words. This man is so giving, I mean seriously. Harry donated more than $1.2 million dollars to 62 charities from his solo album. He also helped hundreds of people register to vote, and practiced water conservation for all his shows, resulting in 13,200 saved water bottles, and 6,500 gallons of recycled water. Everyone always talks about practicing what you preach, and this man right here does exactly that. He loves the earth, and the people in it, and it shows so much. This is a trend that he plans on continuing during his second tour, and I’m for damn sure buying merch to help support these causes. (If you want to take a look at what charities he is donating to, you can find them on the official Harry Styles website).

  5. 5. His smile

    That’s it. Have you seen those dimples? Case closed.

So there you have it. Five reasons to get up and start stanning Harry Styles if you haven’t already. If not for his beautiful singing voice and eccentric fashion taste, then for the fact that he is so accepting of this world and ready to help make a change (and shows it in a lot of ways that celebrities don’t seem to do these days). Harry Styles is the best man on Earth. Everyone, please listen to his upcoming album, Fine Line, and remember to treat people with kindness.