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Coming back from a long weekend after Thanksgiving, finals are the last thing I want to think about. Yet, here we are in week 10, and the only thing that stands between us and winter break is dead week (the dreaded week before finals) and finals. Despite the dread that many of us may face at the end of the quarter, here are some tips to help make it through.

Start Studying Now

Even though classes are still covering content, I have found that the best way to prepare for finals and make dead week more manageable is to start studying early. This way there will be less studying you need to do right before finals. I find it helpful to start reviewing the oldest material and continuing to work your way up. I like to rewrite my notes or lecture slides, make mind maps to connect concepts, review old exams or other resources, teach my friends concepts, and write questions to answer to help me study.

Take Breaks

During finals week, I find it so helpful to take breaks while I’m studying. Sometimes it’s only for essential tasks, like eating dinner, but taking breaks helps me reset and focus better after. There’s only so much studying will do, especially right before an exam, so I like to take a walk or watch a show or talk to a friend to help me relax.

Change Up Your Environment

I find that I get bored when I’m studying in the same place over and over, and I plan on using the rest of the quarter to find new study spots on campus. It’s also important to pick a study spot that works best for you and that will have the right amount of noise and the least amount of distractions.

Take Care of Yourself

Finals are important, but so is taking care of yourself! During finals week remember to eat a good meal and drink water. I will be making time to go to the gym. Whatever it is that you need, make sure to do it. I treat finals week like any other week in terms of my activities and make sure to check in with myself and how I’m feeling.

Have Something to Look Forward To

Winter break at last! Whether it’s making plans with friends or family during the break from school or just looking forward to being done with your last final, having something to look forward to helps me get through finals just a little bit easier.

Nicole Green

Washington '25

Nicole Green is a sophomore at the University of Washington planning to study Public Health. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, traveling, playing volleyball, and spending time with friends and family.