Eyelash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

Have you ever thought of getting eyelash extensions done? Scrolling through your Instagram feed can quickly make you feel like you're in the clouds of despair. Some girls that I know found themselves becoming more insecure just by looking those pictures of celebrities who just got pampered in a salon.

When I saw Kylie Jenner and Madison Beer, in particular, my thoughts were “are they real?”. Looking at their eyelashes, suddenly longer and with more volume, I quickly realized they must have done something with their eyelashes to get them that way. Yup, eyelash extensions. In a hurry, I searched up the best eyelash extension place in my area and booked them. I was surprised! The results were like MAGIC! All of my friends or even strangers thought that it looked natural and beautiful. I can't believe how much of a confidence boost these extensions give me!

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However, since I've gotten my new eyelashes, I've realized how it is so hard for me to wash my face because of the new eyelashes hold the water on them. Also, it is hard to see clearly while I am exercising. I feel very uncomfortable when I read since the lashes always touch my glasses. Over the course of a day, I can see some of my eyelash extensions fall out, making my eyelashes look uneven. Even worse, since I have weak natural eyelashes, they fall apart with the fake extensions, leaving my eyelashes to become thin and short. 

All the eyelash extensions do is put an extra lash on each of your natural eyelashes one by one with semi-permanent glue. We want to look like the celebrities that we praise so much, without realizing the damaging effects that the extensions have on our natural lashes. You might not notice all the damaging effect that the extensions will give to you until you get them multiple times; I didn't realize all the harmful effects until after my third visit! Other alternatives that are more efficient for me are putting on fake eyelashes or mascara! They are temporary and much less damaging than eyelashes extension.

So, after weighing the benefits and disadvantages of my eyelash extension experience, my recommendation is not to get it done. It's too high maintenance: I can’t take care of my eyelashes every single minute, looking in the mirror seeing whether my eyelashes goes to the same direction or not. If you desperately want to get your eyelashes extension done, weigh some of the benefits and disadvantages for you personally, and keep in mind that you'll need extra time to take care of them.