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Eco-Conscious Spring Cleaning: Sustainable Approaches for a Greener Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

There is something so rewarding about participating in the post-winter phenomenon that is spring cleaning. We toss out our old junk, to make our minds and our places of residence so much clearer; but how can we prevent unnecessary waste during this process? Here are my recommended tips for spring cleaning that will keep you conscious as clean as your household.

Donate to A thrift Store in your community

One of the most important things to keep in mind when decluttering sustainably is to repurpose items, or give them to others who can reuse them. One of the easiest ways to do this is by donating items to local thrift stores. Furniture, clothes, kitchen tools, and so many other items can be given to these stores and sold to those who need and want them. Goodwill is a popular resource; however, it is always best to donate to smaller businesses or locally owned organizations. Some thrift stores will even buy items from you at a discounted price; more bang for your buck while also repurposing unwanted items.

Sell Your Clothes and Accessories on second-hand websites

Another way to repurpose items is to sell them yourself on second-hand websites. Some of the more popular sites include Depop, Mercari, and even Facebook marketplace. This allows the seller (you) to list and price items individually and ship them out once sold. This is a great way to repurpose items, give them new homes and make some extra money as you see fit. Sites like Depop and Mercai are perfect for listing your clothing items while Facebook marketplace is more widely known for furniture and other household items.

Using reusable cleaning tools

One of the number one waste contributors during spring cleaning is the disposal of non-reusable cleaning products like paper towels. One way to cut back on waste is to simply replace those napkins and paper towels with washable towels or reusable sponge paper towels. These can easily be washed and restored to their original quality and significantly reduce the amount of unessential waste throughout the cleaning process.  

Hand-make cleaning products that are healthier for the environment

My last cleaning tip could not be easier; using everyday household items you can create a homemade all-purpose cleaner that is natural and not harmful to the environment. One of the more EPA-approved homemade cleaners consists of vinegar, water, phosphorus-free dish soap, and the option of essential oils. This “green cleaner” can be used on all surfaces, excluding fabrics and carpets. Homemade cleaners like this one can help significantly cut down the amount of chemicals and unnatural compounds that find their way into our water and soil.

Overall, spring cleaning presents an opportunity not only to refresh our living spaces but also to embrace eco-conscious practices. By donating to local thrift stores, using second-hand platforms, opting for reusable cleaning tools, and making environmentally friendly cleaning products, we can reduce unnecessary waste and minimize our impact on the planet. Let’s approach our spring cleaning rituals with mindfulness and sustainability in mind, ensuring a cleaner home and a healthier environment for everyone.

Kaya Moss

Washington '25

Hi all! My name is Kaya Moss, I am currently a third-year student at the University of Washington majoring in Biology and minoring in Nutrition and Food Systems. Some of my favorite subjects at the moment are Culinary Sciences and Physiology, but in the future I would love to learn more about Botany and Zoology. I am very passionate about the work I do employed by the University's Medical Center working with transplant patients. In the future I plan to become a Physicians Assistant specializing in either OB/GYN or surgery. I am also a person with many hobbies but some of my favorites include crocheting, sewing, baking, paddle boarding and jewelry making. I often spend my free time reading, some of my must-reads at the moment include Kite Runner and The Secret History. One of my newer hobbies includes cooking new recipes, this often helps me feel more connected to my Filipino heritage and my dad, who for many years was a French chef. I look forward to pursuing my interest in journalism and sharing my ideas with other women.