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Easy Homemade Matcha Bubble Tea Recipe

Do you know what I’ve been missing the most after being stuck at home for the last couple of weeks? I mean besides my friends, other family members, and my significant other who I didn’t get to visit because my flights got canceled? 

Bubble tea. Fricking bubble tea. 

If you’re a true Seattlelite and have been blessed to try out the awesome boba places in the city, this quarantine might have amped up those tapioca cravings that you didn’t know existed. Of course, a lot of boba places are still open for takeout, and it’s always great to support local businesses, but if you find yourself in a position where that isn’t possible, here is a boba (bubble tea) recipe that you can make at home!


20g of Matcha (per cup)

Tapioca Pearls (as much as you please!) You can get these at most asian grocery stores (ex. HMart, ect). 

Water (enough to have the tapioca pearls to be fully submerged).

~two cups of boiling water (for tea)

~One-two scoops of brown sugar 

Boil the water (enough for the tapioca pearls to be submerged). When boiled, add the tapioca pearls in and cook on medium for 15 minutes. 

After cooking tapioca pearls for 15 minutes, turn off the heat and let the boba sit in the pot with the lid on. You can do this for 15-20 minutes, depending on how chewy you prefer your boba to be. I personally like to leave it in there for about 17 minutes for that perfect soft, but not too soft boba! 

After the boba is cooked to the desired softness, take the boba out (without the water), and put it in a bowl. Add one to two scoops of brown sugar and mix. Let the bowl sit. 

Dump the water that was left from cooking the tapioca pearls. Add about two cups of new hot water into the pot and boil. 

Add the matcha into your cup (20 g in each cup). 

After the water is done boiling, pour about 4 tablespoons into each cup, or until the matcha is watery and not chunky. Stir the matcha and the hot water. 

Add the boba, and some milk of your choice, and voila! You just made a delicious cup of homemade matcha bubble tea!! Enjoy! xx