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Los Angeles. The ’70s. Love. Lust. Rock ‘n’ roll. 

This is the backdrop of Daisy Jones & The Six – and it’s coming to life on screen. 

What began as two separate worlds – the world of Daisy Jones and the world of The Six – collided into one and created something sensational. Originally a bestselling novel by author Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & The Six chronicles the momentous rise, and ultimate fall, of a legendary rock ‘n’ roll band that dominated the seventies music scene. 

That is, the fictional seventies music scene. Despite the book being written as a series of realistic and captivating interviews, it is entirely fictional. Thanks to the literary genius of Reid as an author, however, it is easy to forget the fictitious nature of the story and instead get swept away by a whirlwind of tension, excitement, mystery, and music.  

but first, who is daisy jones?

Daisy Jones, one of the main characters of this story, captures the eyes – and hearts – of many as she begins to navigate her way around the L.A. social scene. Breaking away from her neglectful parents, Daisy wants nothing more than to make a name for herself as a singer. She is fiery. She is rebellious. She is determined. And she has, in her own words, “no interest in being somebody else’s muse.” 

Who better to play such an iconic character than actress Riley Keough? Granddaughter of Elvis Presley himself, Keough is certainly no stranger to stardom. I am overcome with anticipation for how she will embody Daisy’s energy, charisma, and complexity on screen. There is no doubt in my mind that her performance will be captivating and spirited, a perfect reflection of one of Daisy’s most iconic lines: “And, baby, when you think of me / I hope it ruins rock ‘n’ roll.”

and who are the six?

The latter half of the band name, The Six, is composed of (you guessed it) six members. Sure, each are unique, talented, and creative on their own, but together, they produce some of the most beloved sounds of the seventies.

Billy Dunne, main character and lead singer of The Six, will be played by Sam Claflin. Brooding, passionate, and troubled: Billy’s character oscillates between exciting highs and heart-breaking lows throughout the entire story. When his girlfriend, Camila, who is played by Camila Morrone, learns she is pregnant just before the band is about to hit the road, Billy is faced with the task of fatherhood – a task that is made complicated by his life of rock ‘n’ roll. And when the alluring Daisy Jones enters the mix… Billy (and the audience) is in for a wild ride. 

Graham Dunne, lead guitar, will be played by Will Harrison. 

Warren Rhodes, drummer, will be played by Sebastian Chacon. 

Pete Loving, bassist, and Eddie Loving, rhythm guitarist, do not appear to have separate characters in the screen adaptation. Instead, a character by the name of Eddie Roundtree, played by Josh Whitehouse, will likely take on their roles.

Finally, Karen Sirko will be played by Suki Waterhouse. 

NOW I’m Excited! WHen Can I watch?

If you are as eager about getting a glimpse into the world of seventies rock stars and complex band relationships as I am, then never fear! In just about two weeks, on March 3 specifically, Amazon Prime Video will premiere the first episode of Daisy Jones & The Six

And if you cannot possibly wait any longer to dive into the world of rock ‘n’ roll, “Regret Me,” one of the songs on Daisy Jones & The Six’s iconic album, Aurora, is out now on Spotify. The whole album will be released, along with the show, on March 3. 

For lovers of the book, lovers of music, and lovers of drama – look no further than the wonder that is Daisy Jones & The Six

Tara Boyd

Washington '26

Tara is a second year student at the University of Washington. She is studying English Literature and hopes to one day be an author. In her free time, Tara can be found reading, dancing, going to concerts, and spending time with loved ones!