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COVID Friendly Valentine’s Day Plans/Gift Ideas

*Disclaimer* I am not encouraging anyone to break public health guidelines. Please be safe and considerate of others safety as well. If you do decide to spend time with someone, please be sure to get tested, quarantine before and after and wear a mask.


Despite Miss Rona staying alive and kicking still, Valentine’s day is coming up somewhat soon. This is the first time I actually have a significant other for it and of course it’s during a pandemic lol. But, I’ve thought of some fun ideas for plans with your significant other or even close friend that are pretty Covid friendly! I’ve also thought of some fun gift ideas for those who want to get something for their loved one on V-day that you can deliver while safely socially distancing.


Date Idea 1: Spa and Paint night (or sip and paint)

Get together with your significant other, close friend or roommate and have a spa and paint night! You can get actual canvases, or smaller flat ones (they’re cheaper!) and paint something for yourself or your partner. Afterwards, you can have a spa night and do face masks and pamper each other. Or, you could also do a fun sip and paint! Get your favorite wine or alcohol (or non-alc beverage!) to drink while you paint with your loved one.


Date Idea 2: Rent an Airbnb/Hotel room for a night (or weekend)

With how weird the past year has been, I know a nice “getaway” sounds amazing right now. You can get together with your significant other, close friend or two and rent an Airbnb with a nice view for a night or two and just relax! It’s really not safe to travel right now, but this is a safer way of “traveling”. You could get a hotel room or Airbnb in Seattle or in a neighboring city to have either a romantic or just a nice getaway with your friend.

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Date Idea 3: Dinner and a Movie at home

You and your significant other can cook a nice dinner for the two of you to have at home. If your cooking skills aren’t the best, then you could order your favorite restaurant for takeout and have a nice dinner and dress up, or just dress down. Afterwards, you could have a movie marathon with your loved one and maybe even build a cute lil fort to watch movies in.


Gift Idea 1: Chocolate Covered Strawberries arrangement

Chocolate covered strawberry arrangements have been all the rave recently thanks to TikTok! I’ve seen a lot of small businesses pop up with these around the area. You could order an arrangement for someone and customize it with writing, décor, flavors and more. Businesses vary in what they can do so I definitely recommend searching for some in advance on social media. You could write a sweet message, something funny, or personal to you two and deliver it right to their doorstep! Not only is this a super sweet and yummy treat, but you’re also supporting local businesses which is a total plus.


Gift Idea 2: Basket full of goodies

I love gifting my friends baskets full of goodies for them and its always so fun to put together! You could get a basket from anywhere really and fill it up different gifts for your significant other. Obviously what you fill it with depends on the person but definitely some of their favorite snacks or candy, maybe a framed picture of you two, a personalized item or a handwritten card or love letter. Once you assemble everything, add fun extras like crinkle paper and confetti and deliver it to your valentine.


Of course, you don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s day at all but if you’re anything like me and love an excuse to spoil your loved ones, here are some fun and somewhat safe Covid plans. These are all ideas you can customize and put your own twist on as well so go ham. Whatever you decide to do or not do, just be sure to do it safely!

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Marina is a junior at the UW and is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Writing. Marina is a Washington native and is passionate about all things social justice, defeating the patriarchy, and writing. In her free time, she loves binge-watching tv shows, scrolling through tik tok, thrift shopping and napping.
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