A College Girl's Review of Call Her Daddy

About 6 months ago, I was about to embark on an 8 hour road trip and needed something new to occupy my attention on the drive, so I texted a good friend of mine asking for some podcast recommendations. Within in seconds, she responded, "BRO. CALL HER DADDY. THANK ME LATER." The name within itself immediately caught my attention, so I opened up Spotify and started listening to the first episode, elegantly entitled "Sext Me So I Know Its Real". Just within the first couple of minutes, I was laughing, gasping, and learning things I didn't even know I needed to learn. I knew I had found my favorite podcast to date.

Call Her Daddy is hosted by roommates and best friends Sophia Franklyn and Alex Cooper, who are both in their mid-twenties living in the heart of New York City. Franklyn and Cooper spend each hour long episode discussing sex, dating, and relationships, whether it be in the form of advice or giving hilarious personal anecdotes. Some of their most popular episodes go by the titles of "Nudes Never Die", "Are We F**king on the First Date?", and "Finessing a F*ckboy", so you can tell that this isn't exactly the most ~modest~ content. However, I think it's the content that a lot of girls really need.

Its no secret that in today's their is a stigma around young women expressing their sexuality and openly talking about their sex lives, which often times results in being seen as "slutty" or "easy". Call Her Daddy empowers girls by making sex a normalized topic of discssuion, and Franklyn and Cooper constantly reiterate the idea its 100% okay to talk about stuff that's been taboo for us girls for so long. 

Their raunchy language and IDGAF attitudes make every second entertaining, even though some critics have described it as "trashy" or "classless". But I think that those that have described it in such ways are simply just not a part of the demographic that the podcast is targeted towards. As a college student, I find that the advice that they give from personal experience can be applied to things that happen in my own life, like debating if I should hook up with a certain guy, knowing if I'm getting played, or how to read if a guy is really into me or not. To be honest, Alex and Sophia hit you with the big sister advice that you didn't know you needed.

Call Her Daddy is paving the way for girls to have honest, open, and confident conversations about sex and relationships, so I don't really see why a young girl in college wouldn't want to at least try to give it a listen. Plus, I guarentee you'll be laughing your ass of the whole time. Stream it now! I know I'm ordering my "Degrade Me" sweatshirt as we speak (listen to episode 1 and you'll know what I'm talking about).,