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Clothing Brands Best For Our Wardrobe and Our Planet

For myself, with spring and spring cleaning soon comes the desire to restart. Whether that be giving your bedroom a new makeover, getting that haircut you have always wanted, or most importantly, building a new wardrobe. Though recently I have been pushing myself to think further on what I am consuming. I quickly realized that while certain stores are better for your bank account while simultaneously sporting cute clothing, it is not better for our planet. At all. But, if you are like me and wish for a new wardrobe that is best for yourself and our planet, here is an article on my most adored eco-friendly brands! 


Let’s begin with my go-to, athleisure! The brand I cannot get enough of is called the Girlfriend Collective. I fell in love with this brand a little over a year ago and ever since then feel proud every day that I am wearing their collections and styles! With their largest goal being transparent, you can find on their website the exact process and material from which they create all of their Girlfriend Collective activewear from. This includes, but is not limited to, activewear that is created out of recycled post-consumer bottles, recycled polyester, and recycled fishnets. Not only is the fabric eco-ethically created, but the dyeing process is just as awe-striking. Once finished dyeing the fabrics they donate the dye mud to their local pavement facilities and the mud is then put towards use into the local sidewalks and roads (Girlfriend). Now here comes the question; ok, but how much is it? Next to the eco-friendly products is the second-best thing. You can shop their fashion-forward sports bra/tank tops for $38 as well as their leggings for $68-$78. Not only is it eco-friendly, affordable, and has every color to fit your preferred style, the Girlfriend Collective can be bought in sizes XXS – 6XL. They truly make you feel like one of their own girlfriends due to their brand being so honest and encouraging. 


My second go-to is graphic tees and or sweatshirts!  In my journey of discovering clothing that is not only good for the soul, the closet, and the onlooker but also good for our planet I came across the Parks Project. As an equally transparent company, you can find their many works of change on their website. The mission of their project includes but is not limited to donating funds from product sales directly to national park organizations that focus on the conservation of our national parks. They are partnered with over 41 non-profit organizations highly focused on conservation, advocacy, and education, as well as visitor programs best for the parks. To date, they have donated over $1,300,000 towards these organizations and will continue to do so (Parks). Here on Parks Project, I was able to find the softest and coolest graphic clothing to have in my wardrobe. With tees from every park location you could dream of, art, and colors of all kinds there’s nothing short to choose from to expand your closet. 


These two brands are just two of many eco-friendly, sustainable, and important brands to explore, shop from, and support! As I began my search to understand the brands from which I shop and or shopped, I was often pushed to do so by the following question. Why not be proud of not only the way my clothing looks but the way they were made, the way they will impact our future, and the way they impact our planet. And I found that the answer to this question is that there is no reason not to. Let’s continue to protect our parks, our planet, and our style moving forward. 

Mara Balfour

Washington '23

Mara Balfour is a sophomore student at the University of Washington currently majoring in Cinema and Media Studies. Along with writing for HerCampus, she is the creative director of Mar Bee Designs, as well as a concert photographer. She hopes to tell stories through films and images that are just as beautiful as they are impactful.
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