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Christmas Gift Ideas: What to Give and Get

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Holiday shopping has already begun for many people. Stores held extended sales in place of the usual one day Black Friday sales, and online shopping is already very popular this holiday season. With the Christmas season fast approaching, it’s time to think about what you want for Christmas and what to get for your loved ones. Here are a few ideas of what to give or what to add to your wishlist this year. 

For Anyone

Card games- Everyone loves playing card games. This is a small and simple gift, but it can have a bigger meaning. Games bring people together, whether friends or family or strangers. There are many games to choose from and it’s a gift that’s easy to find. 

Food- Who doesn’t love food? It’s the perfect gift, since it’s easy and it’s delicious! From homemade holiday treats, to favorite snacks, and anywhere in between, our favorite foods are great gifts to give and receive this holiday season. 

For College Students

Gift cards- Any college student would appreciate a gift card to their favorite place. Whether it’s their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or clothing store, a gift card will be put to good use and remind them of you when they use it. 

College gear- You can’t go wrong with getting college students something from the bookstore. Students love to represent their school, and there are so many options to choose from. Bonus points if it’s cute and comfy!

For Your Parents

Something thoughtful- My parents are so hard to shop for! Getting them something small but thoughtful is definitely the way to go. Maybe it’s a framed family photo that you know they’ll love. Or maybe you remember them wanting something months ago and now is the perfect time to give it to them. Whatever it is, it’s the thought that counts. 

Something useful- Instead of giving them something they don’t want or need, you might as well get something your parents will actually use. It could be helpful to think about their hobbies. If your parents like to cook, you could get them a new kitchen gadget. If they like sports, you could get them fan gear or new equipment. The opportunities are endless. 

Coming up with ideas of what to ask for and what to give can be difficult. Hopefully, these ideas helped you start your list or sparked other ideas. Happy shopping!

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Nicole Green is a freshman at the University of Washington planning to study Public Health. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, traveling, playing volleyball, and spending time with friends and family.
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