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Changing Your Outlook on Life

Every morning you can either choose to start your day on the right side or the wrong side of the bed. Ultimately it is up to you. I believe that how you start the day can set the tone for the hours that follow. Each morning don’t wake up and immediately go back to sleep because you’ll definitely just wake up more tired than you were in the first place. Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that I’ll close my eyes for what felt like a minute and then I’ll wake up three hours later wondering where the time went. 

Don’t let the fact that you may have had a bad day, month, or year cause you to go into a spiral of negativity. Doing so will only make you feel more upset and angry. Your negative energy will just attract the negativity of others which will definitely not help solve anything. The first step to stop the root cause of negativity is to stop complaining. Fussing about how horrible the people at your job are is not going to make anything better, it’ll just make you dread having to go into work. Focus on finding solutions to the setbacks that you are facing. While doing so maybe look at the things you love about your job or be grateful for the opportunities that it affords you. You need to inhibit the negative thoughts by instead filling your mind with positivity. 

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There are times when all of us feel overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed can cause us to have negative thoughts about ourselves or be unmotivated to get all the tasks we have done. I recommend that 15 minutes of cleaning will help you clear both your mind and space. Also taking 10 minutes of silence to just get away from all the stressors can allow you to feel rejuvenated when you return. Don't take too long doing these; otherwise, you'll be left with very little time to do what you needed to get done. Take everything that you need to do step by step, you can try breaking it into smaller more manageable chunks. Keep your head up high, I believe in you!

Caroline Sasser

Washington '24

Caroline is a freshman at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her intended majors are Economics and Public Health. Some of her passions include hiking, traveling, and volunteering. She can be found on Instagram @mylifeas_carolines
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