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Campus Cutie: Teresa Chuang

Campus Cutie: Teresa Chuang

Year: Freshman

Major: Business

Hometown: San Jose, CA


1.    HC: What Disney Princess would you be and why?


Teresa: Definitely Ariel! I’ve loved her since I was young, and in another life, I would be a redhead.


2.    HC: Who is someone that you admire as a role model? What characteristics do you strive to be most like?


Teresa: Right now, in terms of a career, I most admire Cheryl Sandberg. I want to go into the business and tech industry which tends to be very male dominated, but that she is a very prominent figure in. In addition to being successful, she has her own family and lifestyle which is something a really value about her.


3.    HC: What’s your favorite TV show?


Teresa: I’m addicted to game of thrones! Some stuff is so gory, but it’s so good!


4.    HC: What are some after graduation plans you have?


Teresa: Gosh, things will change, I already know. For now, I am hoping to find a job in the business and tech industry going back into bay area where I am from. Working in the marketing and advertisement segment in a big company like Facebook would be a dream-come-true!


5.    HC: I’m sure you get this all the time, but why did you Washington instead of California?


Teresa: Coming to UW, I was able to pursue business while in the UC schools, I would’ve had to do econ which I realized I really don’t like: I want to focus on marketing and information. Also, I wanted to go out of state because the majority of people at my High School went to instate schools and I wanted a new experience. Additionally, Washington is generally close to California, so it’s just a short plane ride home to see my family.


6.    HC: What are some interesting hobbies you have?


Teresa: I am an online window shopper, pretty much professionally. I love shopping online but never buy anything. Whenever I want to I quickly close the tab and tell myself to have self-control.

Also, I am involved in the ASUW women’s action commission which I am really passionate about. I love working in terms of gender relations and promoting that subject.


7.    HC: What’s your ideal date around UW?  


Teresa: Lying out in the sun, in the quad, when the cherry blossoms have bloomed! There are a lot of people around, so there’s not a lot of pressure. Just laying out, relaxing and talking. It’s also super student budget friendly!


8.    HC: What’s your favorite location around Seattle?


Teresa: From my visit last year, while checking out UW as an option for school, my family and I went to Bainbridge Island, and it was so pretty! We had to go on a ferry and I was so surprised that the cars could just drive on the ferry! Once we got to Bainbridge, we went on a beautiful hike. So, yeah, the ferry and hiking experience was really memorable for me.


9.   HC: What’s your astrological sign and what are some qualities from it that you seen in yourself?


Teresa: I’m a Taurus! A quality I see in myself a lot is loyalty. In terms of relationships but also that when I commit to things I make sure to be really passionate about them. I really focus on them to get them done in the best way possible.



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