Campus Cutie: Kayla Sear

Name: Kayla Sear

Year: Freshman

Major: Neurobiology

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

How do you feel about being called a “Campus Cutie?”

I feel like such a unique person on campus to be called a “Campus Cutie.”


What activities/organizations are you involved with at UW?

I currently work at the dining areas on campus called the 8 and Cultivate. I am also involved in a sorority called alpha Kappa Delta Phi.


What made you want to rush for a sorority?

I wanted to find my niche on campus and so I decided to rush.


How different is Seattle and UW from your hometown?

Much different. Seattle and UW have a lot more opportunities than in my hometown.


Superheroes or Disney princesses? (Which one specifically and why?)

I pick Princess Jasmine because I feel like my personality reflects hers. She is strong, caring and kind.


Where do you see your life in five years?

Hopefully in medical school or peace corps.


What is something on your bucketlist that you hope to achieve?

I really want to travel around the world.


What would your ideal significant other be like?

A lot taller than me, a gentleman, and open minded.