Campus Cutie: Coleman Don Luca Paul

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Business Accounting

Hometown: Gig Harbor 

1.  HC: What’s your astrological sign and what are some qualities from it that you seen in yourself?

I am a Scorpio. I would say that I’m extremely passionate about what I do and focus on what’s important, so I would say passion as my quality as a Scorpio.


2.  HC: Why did you choose the University of Washington and what is your intended major?

I chose the UDub because I grew up in Washington, even though my parents graduated from Arizona. So I have been a big husky fan since I was young. For my major I’m an intended Business Administration major with a focus on Accounting. 


3.  HC: What’s your favorite location around Seattle?

I enjoy going to Wallingford, which is a district in Seattle. It has Gas Works Park and the original Dick’s Drive-in. There are so many restaurants and food places to explore, and has an old vintage vibe there that is unique. 


4.  HC: What’s your ideal date around the UW?

Cole: I would have to say going to Yeti Yogurt, or any yogurt place. Who doesn’t like frozen yogurt and there’s such a nice casual laid-back atmosphere there, which is nice. 


5.  HC: What are your hobbies?

​Cole: I enjoy playing soccer, so I participate in recreational soccer for the IMA and I’m also in a fraternity.


6. HC: What is your favorite movie?

​Cole: Zoolander for sure. Anything with Ben Stiller is great; he’s just so hilarious.


7. HC: Who is someone that you admire as a role model? What characteristics do you strive to be most like?

​Cole: I’d say my dad. He really got me interested in entrepreneurship and really helped me to develop a great work ethic. He also is great with seeing the positives in other people and I strive to be like him in the sense of making good and meaningful with people.