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Campus Conversations: Diana Reiman

Diana Reiman is a biology nerd, yoga enthusiast, lover of good food, future doctor, and a DA to bioengineering. She’s got a lot on her plate, and somehow she manages to be optimistic and see humor in little things. She’s incredibly hard working and definitely has a bright future ahead of her! 

Year: Freshman

Major: Bioengineering with a pre-med track

Beyond College: Becoming an academic physician which entails studying immunology or infectious diseases in a research laboratory and possibly seeing patients via clinical trials on the side.

Fun Fact: I have the constellation of the Big Dipper in freckles on my face!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love volunteering for children because I like to give back to the community! I really enjoy working in labs and other forms of hands-on learning. I even have a rat testicle preserved in a jar as a memory from a particularly interesting lab in which my friend messed up on a dissection!

What is your most memorable childhood dream?

First, I wanted to be a princess, but princesses don’t really get to do any interesting intellectual stuff. In fifth grade, I changed my mind to be a veternarian princess, so I’d still get to wear fluffy dresses and makeup, but I’d also help animals. It was a sad moment when I realized that I was allergic to all things with fur… so I decided to focus my doctoral efforts on becoming a pediatrician!

What is your spirit animal?

I’d definitely be a bunny because they’re energetic and always hopping around, which I’ve been known to do (when I’m not sleep deprived during finals week!).

What is your passion?

I love learning. I want to experience everything there is to learn. I want to be a role model for others and I want to be a role model for myself, too. My ideal job would be to get paid to stay in college forever and take different classes, and just experience new things for as long as I possibly can. 

What’s your favorite place to eat on the Ave?

I’ve recently been introduced to Thai food, so I love any place on the Ave that has good pad thai. The one thing I can’t master is chopsticks, but practice makes perfect!

What makes you happy?

Definitely spending time with my friends and family, but I also really feel exuberant when I study into the late hours of the night with friends for exams that I hope I’ll pass. Being surrounded with hardoworking people that are all in the same boat is a really good feeling. 

What makes you feel accomplished?

At the end of the day, I wonder if it’s whether or not you feel satisfied with how you’ve grown as a person and whether or not you’ve done your best to make the world a better place. I also feel accomplished when I pursue my interests and goals. In the end, it’s not the job or the medal or the grade that’s the accomplishment- it’s the amount of work you put into it. 

Do you believe in second chances?

Yes, I believe every moment is a moment to learn more and grow as a person, and people do constantly change over time. The only stagnant fact is that people are constantly changing. Because of that, everyone should be given a chance to learn from their mistakes and not being given that chance could stunt personal growth that everyone deserves.

How do you succeed in college?

I think the best way to succeed is to know yourself as a person and what works for you. For example, I’ve realized that I love to be social with friends and that I get distracted easily, so when it’s imperative for me to get things done I have learnt to isolate myself until I get things done. It’s also important to forgive yourself when things don’t work out the way you want them to, because you must live with yourself and your decisions, and you should be happy with who you are!

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