Campus Celebrity: Edwin Tablit, Breakdancer for the #1 dance team on campus

Name: Edwin Tablit  Age:  19Major:  MathYear in School: SophomoreHometown: South Seattle



What registered student organizations and extracurricular activities are you involved with?

I am a part of FASA (Filipino American Student Association); although I’m not too involved, I do try and go and be a part of their events, like this year’s Filipino Night. I am also a member of the dance group, Srirachacha.

Can you briefly describe what Srirachacha is and what makes it the best dance group on campus?

It's the best dance group on campus because of the people. Everyone is so diverse, different majors, different races, and different interests, you can see it in out performances as well with tricking, break dancing, and hip-hop. We are the best because winning isn't our end goal…the end goal is to hangout have fun and just to better ourselves, not getting a trophy.

How did you get involved with Srirachacha?

I got involved in Srirachacha by just practicing with them in the IMA (intramural activities center) every so often and hanging out. One of my good friends Justin Law was there when the group formed and helped me get well acquainted with the rest of the members.

When did you actually discover your passion for dancing and how did you continue to hone your skills?

I started dancing when I left the 8th grade. My friends started and I thought it was really awesome. So from there we started practicing as much as we could. We went to jams, performed, and even hosted our own battles in high school.

How many members does Srirachacha have now?

Right now we have 19 members.

What are some of the titles that Srirachacha holds from competing over the years?

We were the champs at last year’s Asian Student Commission Talent Show, and we came close to first place again this year.

What made you want to come to UW?

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be an engineer and UW was a good place for that. Even when I changed my major, I still love UW for the Husky community that it has.

What do you plan to do when you graduate, and what do you plan to do with dancing in the future after you graduate?

When I graduate, I hope to help youth in some way, maybe as a math teacher, tutor, or just a mentor. I plan on still dancing after I graduate and do some jams, and just chill with other dancers.