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The Business of Bras: The Strapless

The strapless bra was created in the early 1900s. It was designed specifically for wear with strapless evening gowns. However, they didn’t really rise in popularity until the 1950s, when strapless evening gowns were far more in style. These days, we wear strapless bras for the same evening gown dilemmas + with casual, everyday outfits. Have D-cups but want to wear a tube top? Have no fear, the strapless bra is here!

Pro: No trashy straps showing when we don’t want them to! Boob support for outfits that show a little shoulder!

Con: Wicked uncomfortable. You have to try many strapless bras before you can find a winner. Chances are, your first dozen will squeeze, pinch and fall down in the most embarrassing of places.

HC Washington opinion: Good for special occasions and short-term wear. Fantastic for off-the-shoulder tops. Just don’t sleep in one or keep a tight one on for more than 12 hours. Every time this author takes hers off, she lets out a grunt of relief and happiness.

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