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A mailbox with medicine, flyers, and candy coming out
A mailbox with medicine, flyers, and candy coming out
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Birth Control In The New Age With Dr. Yen

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Sexual health has always been a topic that has been sort of “taboo” and not something that is talked about openly – especially for women. As a woman, it can be nerve-racking to discuss our sexual health for fear of being judged. Accessing birth control, condoms, the morning after pill; these are all issues that women struggle with when it comes to being on top of their own health. Lack of awareness and information aids in the continuation of this “fear” to discuss our sexual health. However, I feel more confident now discussing my own sexual health than I did years ago because of how much more openly it is talked about today. Of course, we still have a long way to go, but the progress we are continually making is promising. 

Sophia Yen, MD, MPH, is the co-founder and CEO of Pandia Health, which provides a convenient, inclusive, and discreet way to access birth control. Pandia Health is female founded, female led, and doctor led, which is what makes this option for birth control a much more comfortable environment for women. She sat down with us to talk more about Pandia Health and what it all has to offer!

“All you have to do is answer a questionnaire, no face to face, no public shaming. It automatically comes in the mail and every package comes with a freebie – something random to surprise and delight you! Because we’re led by expert birth control doctors, we know how to tweak it to fit your needs,” Dr. Yen explained.  

Pandia Health has women and their needs at the top of their list. Freebies range from a cute little piece of chocolate to a discount coupon for a vibrator! If the birth control is making you gain weight, they can fix it, if acne is the problem, you let them know and they’ll fix that too. Dr. Yen makes it known that there is no reason to feel uncomfortable with the medicine you are taking and to not be afraid to speak up for yourself. 

What makes this so great is that it was made for the younger generation. The accessibility you have from the comfort of your own home makes this a much better outlet for getting birth control. Dr. Yen has written over 2,000 prescriptions over two years, and from user’s testimonials, customer service is one of the reasons that women from all over enjoy taking advantage of Pandia Health. 

Dr. Yen is also an advocate for the #PeriodsOptional movement, and how we as women have a choice as to whether or not we want to get our periods every month! “As women, we ‘suck it up,’” Dr. Yen says. She expresses that that should not be the case! I learned that we have increased risks of colon and ovarian cancer every time we have our periods and by getting on birth control for five years, you can actually decrease your risk of cancer by 50%! We also have higher risks of being anemic, considering once a month we are being blood let. Evidentially, there is no reason for a woman to constantly be getting periods – there is more harm than good being done. These are facts that not many women are told, and Dr. Yen speaks on this problem.

“It is so important that women are represented everywhere because men will never know what it’s like to worry about being pregnant, or to have blood coming out of you randomly one week out of four, to always having to worry about having a tampon or maxi pad in my purse or backpack. They have no clue.”

Men simply cannot sympathize with women and their periods, which is why it is important to always keep track of who is the founder, CEO, and owners of the company you’re getting your birth control from. Dr. Yen emphasizes to “put your money where your values are,” because a lot of the time companies don’t have women’s best interest in mind. 

“I made this company for myself to make my life easier, I made it for my two daughters, and I made it for anyone with a uterus. I have taken an oath to hold your health sacred. I treat my patients like my family, what I would do for me, what I would do for my daughters I would do for you.” 

Dr. Yen advocates for all people with uteruses and is working on shutting down myths and making sure all women are educated about their own bodies. This includes being aware that birth control is not a one-size-fits-all decision and it shouldn’t cause you any unnecessary side effects such as weight gain or acne. Pandia Health, in summary, works with you and your body to prescribe a birth control pill that will help you and not cause any added stress.

Check out their socials and get started with Pandia Health!


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