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Best Vlogmas Youtube Channels to Watch (Especially During the Holidays!)

December 1st officially marks the time of year that YouTubers have a legitimate excuse to post content every single day of the week. Whether it be for their fans, or for them to personally document their holiday adventures throughout the month, either way, it always turns out to be a wild ride. Vlogging for 24 days straights requires a lot of commitment and usually, the content creators in the back of their mind are trying to think of fun places to go or things to do in their video. With so much focus put into creating content, the creator is bound to have a mental breakdown at some point, but honestly, who doesn’t during the holiday season? The concept of vlogmas came to be in 2011 when YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen decided that she wanted to make a spin-off of a traditional advent calendar. The tradition has lived on through the years bringing with it new YouTubers who decide that they'd also be willing to give it a try. If you need some new content to catch up on in the New Year, so here are some channels you might want to check out!


Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie kicked off her first vlogmas video by showing how she is decorating her house this holiday season. She posted the video on her vlog channel, which currently has 3.15 million subscribers. She is one of my personal favorite lifestyle YouTubers who always puts out interesting and relatable content. This year she went over the top by buying a billboard to showcase in her vlogmas intro. 

Remi Cruz

Remi Cruz discusses the drama surrounding the annual girls' ski trip to big bear that she does with her friends. Remi and other YouTubers rent out a house in Big Bear Lake, CA. The controversy this year is that one of their friends who planned on going decided to ditch the girls trip for a guy that she just recently started dating.  


LaurDIY has a mental breakdown. I personally can relate to this because the holiday season is super stressful with so many added things to worry about. For me, knowing that others feel the same way makes it easier for me to get through. 


I always find it fascinating to keep up with other people's lives during the season to see the unique ways that everyone spends the holidays. Okay, so maybe I live vicariously through others, but I promise it's not a problem! As a busy person, I don't have time to watch the vlogs that all my favorite YouTubers post every day, but rest assured that the ones I do watch are quality content. I love the personalities and energy that they bring to their videos, making even the smallest moments seem exciting. I appreciate how they are open and honest about times where things don't go as planned. We may be done with December, but that doesn't mean you can't jam out to your favorite holiday music, decorate your house, and watch some vlogmas YouTubers.


Caroline Sasser

Washington '24

Caroline is a freshman at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her intended majors are Economics and Public Health. Some of her passions include hiking, traveling, and volunteering. She can be found on Instagram @mylifeas_carolines
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