The Ben & Jerry's Flavor Guide for Your Every Mood

You walk into the Nook, it’s 11:00 p.m., halfway through winter quarter and your emotions are all over the place. You head to the back room where the freezers are stocked with the perfect pairing for your every mood. The blue containers are stacked like bars of gold, and the decision seems overwhelming.

Don’t worry, you have happily stumbled upon the guide to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream:emotion pair-fection.

Mood: Proud

Flavor: Strawberry Cheesecake

When your midterms go right, your homework is done, and you’re feelin’ good grab a pint of Strawberry Cheesecake for a refreshing yet decadent reward. The combination of strawberry flavored cheesecake ice cream mixed with graham crackers will feel like your grandma just made you a fresh cake. Yum.

Mood: Bored

Flavor: Milk and Cookies

If you think Milk and Cookies sounds simple, you’re in for surprise. The combination of vanilla ice cream and three different types of cookie crumbles will keep you guessing with every bite. So the next time you settle in for a long day of doing nothing, grab some Milk and Cookies to keep you company.

Mood: Carefree

Flavor: Mint Chocolate Cookie

When you’re in a summer state of mind, this mint flavored ice cream with Oreo pieces is the perfect match. The refreshing lightness of mint will cool you down and keep all your worries far away. A match made in heaven.

Mood: Stressed

Flavor: The Tonight-Dough

As someone who gets stressed easily, this is my personal favorite. The Tonight Dough will cheer you up the same way that The Tonight Show (the inspiration for the flavor) does. Take a deep breath and grab some of this immaculate ice cream that contains pretty much everything delicious that you could think of. Two bites in and all your stress melts away (pun intended).

Mood: Neutral

Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

On just the average day, you need just the average ice cream flavor. This basic flavor will be there for you through everything and is a staple that you cannot deny. Consistency is key folks.

Mood: Tired

Flavor: Half Baked

If you don’t already know, you do now. Half Baked is everything your tired self could ask for. As the great Tom Haverfored says, “treat yo’ self.”

Whoever said you shouldn’t eat your emotions…well they were probably right, but Ben & Jerry will be there for you when you do.