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A Decade of Her Campus at UW

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

Her Campus at the University of Washington—more commonly referred to as HCUW—was founded on May 25th, 2014, which means we are celebrating our ten-year anniversary!

Our chapter has evolved tremendously over the last decade. In the 2010s, the HCUW YouTube channel was a key part of our social media presence: posting dorm tours, taste tests, makeup challenges, Q&As, and on-campus vlogs. Now, our videos have shifted to short-form content: TikToks and Reels. Our Instagram has been a part of HCUW from the get-go, but over the past ten years, the account has significantly grown to reach more and more students. This evolution is also apparent in our articles. When HCUW started, our articles were primarily about college life and pop culture. While this is still very much a part of our publication, we have grown to include a much more diverse array of content: such as personal essays, health and wellness articles, and opinion pieces. It’s been fascinating to see the growth in our chapter in such a short amount of time; and it’s fun to think about where HCUW could be in another decade. 

A sample of articles (May 2024)

More notably, for ten years, Her Campus has given UW students professional experience with a media conglomerate. This has been especially valuable for those interested in a career in journalism, creative writing, editorial, or marketing.

Elizabeth Williams (Campus Correspondent, c/o 2025) describes HCUW as “the first place I had the opportunity to truly write about whatever I wanted. It has changed the entire course of my college career, as I changed my major to journalism when I found a passion for writing. From then on, being a part of Her Campus has allowed me to feel supported and encouraged by others, with the opportunity to grow as a writer and person. Being able to lead Her Campus has made me feel fulfilled in my role in creating a safe, creative, and enjoyable space for women here at UW. HCUW has been an integral part of my college experience, and I’m excited to spend one more year as Campus Correspondent.”

Tara Boyd (writer, c/o 2026) “initially joined HCUW because, as a first-year English major, I wanted to become involved with a group of people who shared my passion for reading and writing. Now, after concluding my second year as part of the writing team, I have gained a wide array of skills, friendships, and publication experiences that have cemented my love for writing and journalism. The HCUW environment has truly allowed me to explore and expand my craft, particularly by helping me find my voice as a writer.”

Jasmine Darmadi (marketer, c/o 2027) values what she’s learned about brand partnerships: “I learned how important consistent quality activity with digital marketing led to higher metrics. These metrics were valuable in the decision process between our chapter and a possible partnership with a cosmetic brand. I learned that increasing engagement meant blending HCUW’s authentic brand with the interests of our target audience.”

Brand partnership with Garnier (May 2024)

Sophia Sostrin (writer, c/o 2027) finds HCUW to be a transformative experience: “As someone with a deep passion for expressing my emotions through writing, I found Her Campus to be the perfect outlet for channeling my creativity—and enhancing my resume as a hopeful JPIC major. What truly sets our chapter apart is the remarkable diversity of our writers. Her Campus has empowered me to explore a wide range of topics, connect with like-minded students, and gain invaluable experience that will stay with me long after college. I’ve even met one of my future roommates through Her Campus!” 

Abby Heinicke (writer, c/o 2026) describes her Her Campus experience as amazing: “I’ve formed so many amazing friendships, both personal and professional. HCUW introduced me to one of my best friends/future roommate at UW! It also serves as a perfect creative outlet for my writing without demanding too much. I feel supported by my fellow writers and editors in all of my work, and I truly can’t wait for my next few years with HCUW.”

Montanna Lovins (writer, c/o 2027) says, “I started at HCUW in November of my freshman year because an upperclassman friend of mine is a writer and introduced me to it. Having the freedom to write about things that I feel excited about is such a privilege that I feel is generally unique to HC writers. The team that we have is so welcoming and fun to be around, it makes our events less of a ‘job meeting’ and more akin to hanging out with a big group of friends. I am so thankful to be part of HCUW, and I can’t wait to begin my role as a contributing editor next year.”

Our ‘Paint and Sip’ event, co-hosted with Hero Cosmetics (March 2024)

Even for those who are not interested in a career in media, Her Campus has been just as worthwhile. Maggie O’Brien (writer, c/o 2025) values how “HCUW has given me so many opportunities to meet like-minded college-aged women, go to super cool events all over Seattle, and write about topics I am passionate about.” Koren Kano (editor, c/o 2026) says, “Her Campus has been such a lovely part of my UW journey. I started out as a writer last year and have transitioned to an editor this year where I’ve grown both personally and professionally. I’m a Psychology major, but I love writing, editing, and creating—HCUW has given me opportunities to do just that!”

Shima Shaporifar (editor, c/o 2024) says, “As a Microbiology major, Her Campus has been a welcome and comforting escape from my difficult, STEM-centered classes. At Her Campus, I get to be creative and write about topics I enjoy, all the while building community with a wonderful group of passionate and like-minded women. I love Her Campus for the freedom, fun, and lifelong friends it has given me, and I am so proud to have been a part of HCUW for the past four years. Like Winnie the Pooh says, ‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!’”

surgeon general

“We Are Made to Connect” college tour with the U.S. Surgeon General (November 2023)

Personally, I fall into the former category; my goal is to work in the publishing field as an editor, and HCUW provided the experience of working for a digital publication. I’ve been a part of Her Campus since I started UW. I was a writer my freshman year, then became a contributing editor my sophomore year. During my junior year, I became our chapter’s Senior Editor, and have held that position for two years. I cannot stress enough how valuable my time at HCUW was from a professional viewpoint: as almost every job interview I’ve had has brought it up. In fact, during my interview for my summer internship last year, my supervisor and I bonded over the fact that she used to be a part of Her Campus.

But most importantly, Her Campus provides community. Ella Goulet (writer, c/o 2027) reflects on how “coming into a campus as large as the UW, it was hard to find a group where I felt I fit in and had something to contribute. HCUW was an outlet for me to put my passion of writing to use, and acted as an outlet for friends, creative expression, and community. I am so glad I decided to become a member of HCUW, and I can’t wait to continue working for them for the rest of my time at the UW.”

For a girl who started college entirely online, I didn’t expect to form friendships through Zoom. But I did because of Her Campus, and those friendships kept growing when the switch to in-person was made. This is a testament to the community HCUW has created throughout the last decade. Whatever the reason someone joins—professional growth, developing a hobby, or the want to be creative—the culture we’ve cultivated is what ultimately makes them stay.

Happy 10th birthday, HCUW! We are so grateful to be a part of this organization!

Annie Melnick

Washington '24

Annie is an alum of Her Campus UW. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2024 with her BA in English and a minor in GWSS. Annie grew up in Los Angeles, and is a self-described bookworm, reality competition show superfan, and coffee connoisseur, among other things.