7 Unproblematic Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the last minute costume panic! With the COVID-19 pandemic dragging on (oof), this holiday is going to look very different for those in their teens and early twenties this year. However, it's still important to celebrate this tradition with our friends and family in a safe way during these *unprecedented times*. Unfortunately, certain Halloween costumes on the market promote bigotry, hate, and ignorance. But not to worry— these costumes are cute, unproblematic, and definitely 'Gram worthy. Please social distance, wear a mask, and be safe!

  1. 1. A Ghost

    Two Ghosts Standing in Front of a Brick Wall

    Not only are ghosts a trend right now, but they are easy to make and match with pets/friends! It also covers anything in case of a bad face day (you are all stunning, but I know the feeling.)

  2. 2. Patrick Star

    Patrick Spongebob Money

    Hi sisters! Oops, wrong Star. I am so sorry for your eyes. Patrick is a beloved cartoon character with a look that is easy and CHEAP (I know my college students are broke) to recreate. A pink top of any style paired with Patrick's signature swim trunks and you are set!

  3. 3. A Shark

    shark dog and cat costume

    You can show your cultural savvy through this subtle Baby Shark reference AND you can flex your (and your pet's!) knowledge of endangered marine species with this costume. #advocacy

  4. 4. A Mouse

    Milk-Bone Halloween Mask and Bandana Set


  5. 5. A Witch

    A Halloween classic! The costume can be made as revealing or scary as desired at many different price points. Some people do identify as witches, wiccans, etc., but the stereotypical Halloween witch outfit represents good marketing, not oppression. So, you're good!

  6. 6. Bread

    bread cat costume

    College students have less than no bread, but dressing must help manifest your future, right? You will get there someday. Just not right now :)

  7. 7. Annoying Orange

    Orange Slice

    This internet sensation is another classic, although the origional is too old to be relevant. The knockoff is subpar and isn't funny, but nevertheless makes a scary/terrifying addition to anyone's Halloween.

I hope this gave you some insight into some hilarious, cute, spooky costumes for this Halloween season! Stay spooky friends.