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6 Warning Signs They’re a Fake Friend

Making friends in college is easy. You either meet in class and bond over how bad you think you did on the midterm, or you hit it off at a club meeting once you realize you share the same passion, or maybe even at a party after you drunkenly have a compliment battle with each other in the girls’ bathroom. 

They say that you find your life-long friends during this chapter of our lives. But sometimes you also become friends with people that don’t care about you as much as you think they do. They just keep you around because they know you’ll always be there for them, making you believe they’ll do the same for you.

Not every friendly person in college has your best interest at heart, do you know how to spot them? Here are 6 signs you’re dealing with a fake friend. 


1. They always talk about their problems but never care to ask about yours 

They’re perfectly fine talking your ear off but don’t let you do the same. 


2. They never text or call you unless it’s for their benefit 

They only reach out to you when they need something.


3. They don’t try to help you when you need it most, but instead continue to tell you what they can’t do

They don’t even offer a shoulder to lean on.


4. They act as if they’re never available

They say they want to hangout but claim to be busy every single time you try to make plans.


5. Their actions don’t compare to the words they say to you 

They might say they care about you, but do they show it?


6. They don’t encourage you and your goals by offering support 

They want to see you do good but not better than them, they don’t want to see you truly succeed. 

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