6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence Every Day

Confidence is a wonderful thing but a lot of us lack confidence in our daily lives. We are awesome people, but sometimes we don't feel like it and need a pick me up. Here are some ways you can gain more confidence and boost your mental health!

1. Smile.

Right before you head out the door, smile at yourself in the mirror. Even a little mood boost goes a long way.

2. Go to the IMA.

Hitting the gym and going on the elliptical for even just 30 minutes releases endorphins that will leave you feeling on top of the world. As Elle Woods once said, "endorphins make you happy..."

3. Talking a walk.

Even just walking around the quad or other parts of campus helps if hitting the IMA just isn't feasible in your schedule for the next couple of days.

4. Talk to your friends.

Hanging out with friends sometimes gets pushed to the side when you are busy. However, even meeting for an hour to chat after classes or getting dinner with friends will help so much if you are feeling low and just need some friend time to boost your mood.

5. Write out your feelings.

Writing your frustrations gets out any negative energy you have, and then ripping up the paper afterwards is so cathartic. You can also start a gratitude journal to keep track of everything you're thankful for! After that, you'll feel ready to handle whatever life throws at you.

6. Buy your favorite beverage. 

Not only will you have an insta-worthy post to share, but you will feel more inspired to keep studying for midterms with a classy drink by your side.

7. Listen to your favorite playlist on Spotify.

Make a playlist so you always have some go-to some pump-up music ready! You'll feel empowered and energized, even at the end of a long day.

Hopefully these ideas help, but you can do just about anything that makes you feel better because those are all worthwhile activities to pursue.