5 Quick and Easy Nutella Recipes that Anyone Can Make

Every year, on February 5th, it is World Nutella Day (yes, that’s a thing!) It was started up by an American blogger called Sara Rosso, who was an avid fan of Nutella - so much that it deserves its own special day! After searching the internet, mainly Pinterest, for cool things to make, I found a few recipes which incorporate the wondrous food that is Nutella. The best part is that all of these are extremely easy and quick to make - perfect for college students with little time on their hands!


1. Stuffed French Toast

This recipe is perfect for a Sunday brunch!


2. Three-Ingredient Brownies

A quick and easy late night snack for when you want to treat yo self!


3. Nutella Microwave Mug Cake

Everyone loves a cake that can be made in the microwave!


4. Nutella-dipped Strawberries

For if you’re trying to be healthy (no recipe needed).


5. Nutella Cupcakes

You can change this up by adding banana to it instead of hazelnuts, other fruit, or even load it with more Nutella!