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5 Items for Your Seattle Spring Bucket List

Spring quarter has finally begun but it’s kicked off with an uncomfortably dreary start.  With the promise of sunny days on the horizon, here’s a list of the top 5 things you should do in Seattle to take advantage of the Vitamin D outside.


1. Gas Works Park

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Gas Works Park in Fremont is the perfect place to sit out on the grass and watch the boats and kayaks float by while the sun kisses your skin.The best part of this park isn’t just its great view of Seattle or the calm environment, but its proximity to UW; if you’re in the mood for a nice run you could follow the Burke-Gillman Trail here as a nice resting spot. Gas Works also offers fire pits, so you can transform your night into a bonfire party by the water!


2. Alki Beach

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Alki Beach Park is a gem found in West Seattle.  It’s found in a smaller part of West Seattle and is directly across the street from a stereotypical beach town.  This particular spot should be reserved for the warmer days this spring if you’re planning on taking a dip in the water; but regardless of your swimming intentions, Alki provides a stunning view of the Seattle skyline.  Other activities available are biking rentals (from your average two wheeled bike to a six-person double surrey), Top Pot Donuts, and a variety of small surf shops.  It’s a great day trip that’s definitely worth the drive (or bus ride)!


3. Water Activities Center on Campus

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If you want more time on the water and less time spent on the commute, head to the Water Activities Center by Husky Stadium where students can rent a canoe for $6-8 an hour (weekday vs. weekend pricing).  While on the water, you are free to make your way around Union Bay, and can even get a nice view of cranes, godwits, and other marshland birds.  It’s a breathtaking view of the same old water UW students are accustomed to seeing, and a nice way to immerse yourself in nature while staying in the U District.  Make sure to bring your bathing suit because you can take a dip at the dock for free! (More information on pricing and rentals can be found here).


4. Mango Lemonade at Pike Place Market

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Any local Seattleite has been to Pike Place more times than they can count, and is ‘so over’ the throngs of tourists that surround it in a mile-long radius.  But if you can fathom the idea of heading over there one more time, you can find a small cart named Saffron Spice near Daily Dozen Donut.  This stand not only carries tastebud-tingling samosas, but also offers mango lemonade that perfectly complements a sunny day.  After you grab your food you can walk down to the docks and, with the breathtaking view of the water, remember why it's always so busy at Pike Place.


5. Artists At Play at the MoPOP

 The MoPOP (previously known as the EMP) has an amazing interactive art exhibit called Artists at Play, which features a giant contraption that makes for the most exciting playground anyone has ever had the pleasure of playing on.  The entire jungle gym is comprised of netting that you must climb in order to fly down the steep angled slides.  The rest of the playground comes with a pile of fun and interesting installations that let you play music using billiards balls, or follow a small maze to your hearts content.  While this attraction is typically filled with kids in the mornings, you can always visit after the sun sets to release your inner child along with some friends!

Whatever you end up doing with your long awaited sunny days this spring, make sure to take some time to soak in the suns rays and take a breather from your homework!

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