4 Ways to Wear Lingerie Outside of the Bedroom

About a week ago my best friend begged me to do something totally out of my comfort zone: wear lingerie out for an entire day. 

Of course, I ran into multiple issues trying to fulfill her request. To start off, I was a bit apprehensive at the thought of strangers viewing my undergarments in public. Would people stare at me funny? What if I had a nip slip? Or worse, what if I made it on Overheard UW? Maybe the last one is just me. In reality my biggest challenge ended up being the weather–I mean how does one battle the gloomy weather of the Pacific northwest and still manage to confidently bare awe-inspiring lingerie out? Since the inner Southern Californian in me is still grasping how to fashionably layer everyday clothes, I decided to leave this one to the professionals. I dedicated an entire afternoon to lingerie shopping and ended up having the time of my life! I tried on a bunch of bras, bodysuits, and corsets in a variety of colors and designs until my heart settled on a sexy, black lace bodysuit with a deep V neckline. Lingerie is now one of the best ways to spice up your everyday look—and you’ll look AMAZING while wearing it! Here are a few of my favorite looks that you can take from the sheets to the streets: 

1. Bodysuits

This is the body suit I fell in love with! By either letting it shine by itself or by pairing it with a jacket, sweater, or shirt, bodysuits are a fantastic way to take any outfit from day to night. Originally I had mentally prepared to step out in it with only nipple pasties to protect my modesty. However after reevaluating the weather and my comfort levels, I decided to pair the bodysuit with an ivory turtleneck, a black and brown mini skirt, and Doc Martins. 

2. Bralettes 

On top of bralettes like this one being GORGEOUS, they’re also super comfortable! Bralettes often come in an array of colors and patterns–which makes it difficult to choose just one! These are usually a staple piece at concerts and festivals however you can easily pair bralettes with joggers for an effortlessly chic look or style it up with mom jeans for a day with the girls. 

3. Underwire Bras

I know what you’re thinking and yes…THIS IS THE SPICE I WAS TALKING ABOUT EARLIER! Whether you’re feeling yourself or have plans to go out, this underwire bra will make sure that all eyes are on you. With a snazzy bra like this, it is guaranteed to take your day to the next level! 

4. Slips


Whether you are repping silky, lacey, or patterned slips this quarter, you will not regret your decision! Slips can easily be turned into dresses that will have everyone do a double turn in your direction. To stay warm this fall, you can layer it up with denim or leather jackets and accessorizes like chunky belts or oversized scarfs.