4 Entertaining Facebook Groups Everyone Should Join

Self quarantining during the COVID-19 outbreak has created inevitable boredom. I feel like I’ve done absolutely everything to keep me entertained while staying at home. Just like anyone right now, I resort to social media for amusement, but even that’s not as fun as it used to be. 

Facebook is a social media platform that everyone and their mother has, and it’s typically used to stay in touch with family or to invite people to events. While I never went on it very often, I noticed that I haven’t been taking advantage of the groups I can join. I’ve come across some funny and interesting groups that have surprisingly kept me entertained as I’ve been stuck at home. Here are four of my favorite ones that you might be interested in joining too. 

1. Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens 

This Facebook group is a recent discovery and it’s my favorite group that I’m in. College students around the globe all have one thing in common right now and that’s online school. I love connecting with other Gen-Z students who are trying to make the most out of their quarantine education by posting memes, videos, and even sharing TikToks of hilarious Zoom experiences.

2. The Office Addicts 

Anyone who is a huge fan of The Office television show needs to join this group ASAP! While there are over 200,000 members, the community is close-knit and friendly. Everyone has a similar sense of humor and there’s always something interesting going on like voting polls or pictures of people running into cast members. I remember when Kate Flannery (who plays Meredith Palmer) made a video greeting specifically for The Office Addicts group. 

3. A Group Where We All Pretend to be Ants in An Ant Colony

I only have two words that can describe this group: oddly specific. I remember scrolling on TikTok where everyone was saying that they joined this group. Naturally, I also became a member and what happens is exactly what is stated in the title. Someone posts a picture related to ants and then members in the comments reply as if they’re all in a colony. It’s funny, but also very weird... 

4. Subtle Asian Traits  

This group has close to two million members, making it one of the largest Asian communities on Facebook. I only joined as a joke, but I quickly noticed myself highly engaged in the group. Members like to share anything from family recipes to relatable memes.