The 4 Best Bubble Tea Shops in the U-District

As someone with family in Taiwan and who frequently flies back to the bubble tea-loving city, I'm always looking for the best bubble tea places near me in Seattle. When 85°C and Coco (bubble tea shops originating in and extremely popular in Taiwan) opened in Seattle, I was so excited! However, for someone who doesn't have a car or too much time to spend on a bus getting to these cafes, I can't always get my favorite bubble tea when the craving for boba hits—so I went looking a little closer to home (and campus) to find the best bubble tea shops in the University District. These four places did not disappoint!

1. Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea is a little ways up the Ave, but it's well worth the uphill walk! The bubble tea at Kung Fu Tea is made with real cane sugar, so there's a different kind of sweetness to the drinks here! Kung Fu Tea offers drinks in two sizes, giving you the ability to customize your drink based on how much you'd like. Also, if you're looking for a great study spot in a bright and colorful atmosphere, Kung Fu Tea is the place! With bright colors lighting up the cafe and various-sized tables with chairs and benches all around, you'll be sure to get a seat. There are also lounge chairs and bean bags sitting around the floor, as well as free games to play, so it's a fun spot to hang out with friends. For anyone who has been slowly filling out their stamp card, Kung Fu Tea is switching from stamp cards to a new app this March, so be sure to get your free drink from your punch card by the end of February!

2. Sharetea

Sharetea is another quality bubble tea shop originating from Taiwan! A bright and bustling shop, Sharetea near the Ave is always busy and filled with customers. Though it's not the best place to study, the small tables and bench-seating offer a quick place to sit down and catch up with some friends. I personally love the mini boba at Sharetea, and if you're looking for a refreshing and sweet drink, their ice cream red tea is a drink I really recommend! Sharetea uses a Perka app to count drink purchases, so download Perka to start building up those drinks!

3. Oasis Tea Zone - U District Location

Oasis has great variety of both food and drinks! They have a huge drink list, including smoothies, iced teas, milk teas, slushies, hot teas, coffee, and lattes. In terms of food, they have waffle cut fries, polish hot dogs, popcorn chicken, fried tofu, dessert waffles, shaved ice, and so much more. Open till 12 AM during the week and 1 AM on the weekend, Oasis is a great late night option if you're hungry and looking for some yummy comfort food. Oasis on the Ave is a two-story shop, with tables to study at or play games at (they have free games on the second level). Bring your stamp card if you want to rack up drink stamps!

4. Chatime

A little farther from the Ave, Chatime is a simple and more relaxing shop to visit when you're craving good bubble tea. With a decent amount of larger tables, Chatime is a great place to study, and when you're done studying, there are free games offered there as well. Chatime also uses the Perka app to count drinks, so make sure you have Perka on your phone if you plan on going back often!

If you plan on checking out any of these cafes and can't decide which one to visit first, check out the comparison guide below! Whatever you decide, with bubble tea, you can't really go wrong!