3 Things I Have Learned to Make Long Distance Relationship Last

The distance in a relationship can make it difficult, but really long distance relationships are only as hard as you make them – here are some tips to make the distance less longsome.

1. Develop a routine

When physical contact is lacking in these relationships, communication becomes very important in balancing each other lives with one another. By developing a natural routine that works with both of your schedules, cuddle time together becomes less of a issue of “finding time to make it work” and a great part of your day to look forward to.

Some examples of routines you can develop are:

  • Skincare: Every night, my boyfriend and I make it part of our nightly routine to come together and do skincare over skype.
  • Scrabble games: If we are busy for periods of time, to stay in touch throughout the day without needing to communicate much is to play rounds of online scrabble (right now, I am at 9 losses and 1 win).

2. Don’t use text, if possible, to communicate

Don’t get used to and comfortable with talking to your partner back and forth using text only. Especially with important matters, it's better to call or video chat. This way, miscommunication is less likely to happen and you both connect more through each others' voices and/or faces rather than a screen with words.

3. Play a video game with your boyfriend

It might seem cliché to get mad at your boyfriend for ignoring you for hours while you sit there waiting for a reply, but in long distance relationships it’s a good opportunity to get closer to him by engaging in an activity he enjoys and bonding over something that gets him to communicate with you. Furthermore, some video games require commitment and show progress as you continue to play together, which can quickly become another beneficial addition to your routine.