3 Easy, Versatile Halloween Costume Ideas

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A lot of college students stop putting effort in dressing up for Halloween because they don't think of door-to-door trick-or-treating the same way they did when they were younger. However, Halloween-themed college parties prevail! Students are also hesitant to spend money on costumes that they will only wear for one night and dare not repeat the year after, so here are some easy Halloween costume ideas that may also be worn year-round.



"Adorkable Apparel" is a fashion line launched by YouTube singer Traci Hines. These shirts are designed for everyday wear and are specifically catered toward girls who want to be mermaids. The products are t-shirts, sweaters, crop tops, and tank tops inspired by Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and designs include her signature shell bra, starfish bra, and more! Paired with a green skirt or denim shorts and a cute little hair bow, this costume is versatile. Who said you have to wear an actual shell bra to feel like a mermaid?



Being a cat for Halloween can either be cute or sexy! A black shirt or tank-top will suffice. Add a black tutu skirt or black shorts and a cat ear headband to go for the "cute" look, and if you want, a tail. Cat accessories are usually easy to find in the Halloween section of department stores. To kick it up a notch and look more sultry, replace the skirt with black leggings, wear black knee-high boots, and black gloves. For makeup, wear winged black eyeliner and a bold red lipstick, which looks even more mysterious underneath a black eye mask. Meow.


Minnie Mouse

If you've been to a Disney theme park and have one of these souvenir Minnie Mouse ears, put them to use again! Wear them with a simple white or black v-neck shirt and a red tutu or black pants. If you don't have these ears, you can find them at any Disney store or order cheap ones online. (Etsy users also make other Disney princess-themed Minnie Mouse ears!)



This one's the easiest of all. Wear a black skin-tight dress and wear your hair down, straight or curly. The focus is on the makeup. All you'll need is a foundation that's two to three shades lighter than your current skin tone, concealer, black/brown/dark purple eyeshadow, white powder, and a blood-red lipstick. Cover your face with pale foundation, conceal any redness, and set it with white powder. You can do your eyeliner however you want, but make sure to add "dark circles" under your eyes with dark eyeshadow to make you look dead...or like you stayed up all night studying for an exam, but worse. The blood-red lips make it look a little more colorful, but you can leave it out if you prefer and use a nude lipstick instead to "drain" the life out of your lips.


All three of these costumes are cute, flirty (except for maybe the last one!) and a few elements can be adjusted to make them a bit more sexy. Most importantly, they are composed of accessories/clothing that is versatile enough for everyday wear and not just for one event. Happy partying!