The 1975 Are Back & Better Than Ever with Their New Album

On Friday, The 1975 released their long awaited third album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, which addresses modern day issues in an eclectic way. I personally am a massive fan of the band and was looking forward to this album for months; after listening to it repeatedly from Thursday night all throughout Friday, I have decided that this is one of my favorite albums of 2018. 

The intro song, titled “The 1975” appears in the previous two albums but this rendition of it is very different; the band overall experiment with auto tune a lot more in this album and I think it works SO well. “Give Yourself A Try”, the second track and one of the first singles to be released is an uplifting song that, to me, seems to be about spreading positivity and loving yourself. 

My personal favorite track on the album is “Love It If We Made It”—it has the most action in it, ranging from racism to Lil Peep’s death and controversial things that the President has said/done. The band are discussing how “modernity has failed us” but it hints at the idea that you can always find a way to move forward. The music video to accompany it is also cleverly made, you should definitely go and watch it. I also love the break in the album created through the track “The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme”—it’s just Matty Healy narrating a story in a sort of computerized way but it provides a nice and unique interval about half way through. 

I highly recommend listening to this album whether you’re a fan or not—it’s very relatable to this day and age, in my opinion and so different to their previous two albums. It's a perfect mix between upbeat songs to dance and sing along to, as well as more chilled out tunes. The band will be embarking on a world tour next year, which stops in Seattle on April 25th—you don’t want to miss it!