16 Apple Cup Tweets Better Than the Actual Game

November 25th, 2017. Remember that day, boys and girls, because for the 5th time in a row, our Dawgs took home the Apple Cup! (Plot twist, I know.)

Today was a beautiful (rainy) day to go and enjoy the game at the stadium, but it was an even more beautiful day to go on Twitter and type some smack in 140 characters or less. Every year, I'm amazed by how funny people become on Twitter as they watch the game go down.

Here are 16 of the best tweets about the Apple Cup from 16 amazingly funny minds:



An oldie but a goodie:


'nuff said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


One of the best mom jokes I've seen:


If you can't join them, play against them?

Is spelling a part of your core curriculum, WSU?


You definitely don't want to remember one of the worst days of the year


Even I felt the burn of this one:




and even though you took another big loss today, Cougs, y'all got some funny peeps too so:


Spoiler Alert: even Matthew McConaughey can't save you this year, Cougs

If you're comparing Huskies to cheetos...well everyones cheetos so everyone loves Huskies right?


Keep in mind he's probably high tho...

Ah yes, the passive agressive-ness is off the charts.

Hey what's wrong with that?!

Ooh...#roasted literally


and one last one...

p.s. #urnotdoingthisrite

Until next year!