10 Top Stops for Foodies in Seattle

While Seattle maintains its reputation as the coffee capital of America, tourists often sleep on all the prime food spots to hit while adventuring in the rainy city. If you’re visiting for a weekend or a week full of clouds and brunch, there are a few spots you definitely shouldn’t miss when traveling to Seattle.

1. Beecher’s

Right across from the famous Pike Place Market sign, Beecher’s is a spot to not miss when visiting Seattle. Famous for their Mac and Cheese, Beecher’s has been creating exquisite cheese for 13 years.

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2. Portage Bay

If you’re a bruncher, Portage Bay is your go to spot for challah French toast or an eggs benedict you’ll be talking about for weeks after your trip. Don’t forget to try their breakfast bar where you order pancakes or French toast and pile on fresh fruit, whip cream, and nuts to personalize your breakfast.

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3. Dick’s

A classic Seattle staple. Swing by Dick’s to grab a legendary burger and fries. Try a milkshake and eat your meal in your car like the Seattleites.

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4. Rosita’s

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, Rosita’s serves everything from enchiladas to fajitas. This gem located in the Greenlake area will put your hometown's Mexican restaurants to shame. If you're of age, try a cocktail!

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5. Beth’s Café

Whether it’s for breakfast or a late night hangout, this 24-hour café is somewhat of a legend in the greater Seattle area. They have anything from breakfast scrambles to hot dog’s. Expect a (worthwhile) wait.

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6. Paseo’s

With three locations, Paseo’s is anything but ordinary. Specializing in Caribbean cuisine, grab something you normally wouldn’t indulge in like a Havana Seared Scallop Sandwich!  You can find Paseo’s in Freemont, Sodo or on Capitol Hill.

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7. 13 Coins

Serving gourmet cuisine 24 hours a day, 13 Coins has two locations, one near the Sea-Tac airport and one in central Seattle. Check out their live music and eclectic menu for a unique experience.

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8. Rusty Pelican

Another spot for a brunch lover. Though they have a wide variety of lunch and breakfast options, our top recommendations are a plate of crepes or a grilled chicken pesto sandwich.

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9. Blank Space

Create a toast box at Blank Space! Not only is it delicious but think about the Instagram picture. Choose an ice cream flavor, a syrup flavor and a pocky flavor and enjoy.  

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10. HB Beverage Co

Jump on the food trend bandwagon and build an acai bowl for a healthy yet asthetic snack. 

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