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10 Signs You Are The Only Asian In Your Friend Group

1. You are the one who always eats rice in every meal

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I mean, how could you say no to this?

2. You try to convince all your friends to go grocery shopping at the Asian Market 

3. Your friends always ask you to get them forks every time you go to an Asian restaurant

How does this thing work???” or “Why are you eating with your hands?”

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4. They ask you math problems

Even though sometimes you don’t know the answer either.

5. You are the shy one in the group

6. You wear extra layers to warm your body up because you feel cold easily

7. You’re always asking why all of your friends walk so fast

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8. You always got asked about all those herbal remedies or those Asian food snacks

“What are those?! Why there is a button on his hat?”

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9. You are the only one who keeps grocery bags in your cabinet.

10. You’re always the one who asks for warm water every time you go to a restaurant.

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