10 Seattle Valentine's Day Dates

February 14th: the day some couples wait the entire year for and the day some (singles) dread the entire winter. Whether you’re a long term couple, newly dating or even single it’s hard to come up with the perfect plan for V-day. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling for couples and for singles!


#1: The Melting Pot

For a classy evening with your significant other, try dinner at The Melting Pot. The experience is interactive and will sure to be a lasting memory. Check out any of their locations in Seattle, Bellevue or Tacoma. (If you're feeling especially cheesy, you can use "chillin' by the fire while we're eating fondue" as an Instagram caption.)

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#2: Wings Over Washington

Looking for a more adventurous Valentine’s Day? Visit Wings Over Washington, a new flying theatre attraction on Pier 57 next to the Great Wheel. to be an experience that’s unique and exciting.

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#3: Go Out to a Movie

Recently there have been some romantic releases that will be sure to have you swooning. Try the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey for some heat or A Dog’s purpose for an emotional cuddle-sesh in the theatre. To add to the experience, try a theatre with recliners such as iPic Theaters in Redmond or the Lynnwood Regal.

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#4: Stay In:

Spend a relaxing evening at home. Cook dinner together, cuddle up and watch some movies. Avoid the crowds and the stress of making reservations. You can enjoy an evening of each other’s company in a simple setting.

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#5: Columbia Tower:

Take a trip up to the highest viewing point in the Pacific Northwest. This could be the perfect romantic ending to your dinner date. Gazing over the city lit up with lights adds to the mood of the day. (Check out this link for a deal!)Via Groupon 


#1: Girls night out

Gather a few of your single girlfriends and treat yourself to a night out. Go on a shopping trip to treat yourself and grab dinner at a nice restaurant. Spend time celebrating you and your best friends; after all, love comes in many forms and friendship is one of the best.

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#2: Spa Day

Nothing is better than pampering yourself and rejuvenating. Unwind and let out the stress that you’ve conquered this midterm season. Try grabbing a close friend to gossip with while you indulge, whether at an actual spa or with a Lush bath bomb in the comfort of your own home.


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#3: Cat Café

Without the pressure of trying to create a romantic atmosphere, the options are basically endless. Take a trip to the Seattle Meowtropolitan. Sip your favorite espresso drink while enjoying the company of kitties. (Who needs boys when you have cats?)

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#4: Bowling

Again group activities on this day are always a must. Bowling is a fun way to spend time with your friends and do something you might not do all the time. More likely than not, none of you will be very good and it will spark some laughing fits.

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#5: Host an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

A personal favorite of mine. Gather all your single friends that detest the holiday and bond over mutual hate. Indulge in the now-discounted heart shaped chocolate and discuss all the things you hated about your cheating ex-boyfriend(s).

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