YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch Instead of Studying

In my opinion, binge-watching YouTube is way more fun than Netflix. There’s millions of options at your fingertips, and all of the creators on the site have their own unique and interesting style of video creation. That being said, here’s a list of some of my favorites that have been distracting me from my studies lately. Next time you need a homework break, be sure to check one (or all) of them out! Warning- don’t read ahead if you’re trying to be productive!


  • Shane Dawson
    • Shane Dawson is a versatile content creator who’s been around in youtube since the start, so there’s no shortage of content to binge. My personal favorites are his famous conspiracy videos and his docuseries that focuses on famous youtubers like Jeffree Starr. Once you watch one Shane video, you definitely won’t be able to stop.

  • David Dobrik
    • David Dobrik and his fellow “vlog squad” have perfected the concept of the short but sweet vlog. His videos all cap at 4 minutes and 20 seconds, but are filled with content. David’s vlogs are famous for pranks, short skits, and celebrity appearance (Josh Peck for example).


  • FiercelyTasha
    • FiercelyTasha is one of my favorite college youtubers. As a student at USC, Tasha makes videos about college parties, sororities, studying, and general college life. It’s fun to get a little look into the life of another school!
  • Kelsey Simone
    • For fashion and makeup lovers, Kelsey Simone is one to watch. Draw inspiration for your next look from her Outfit of the Day videos, or live vicariously through her extravagant vlogs in Paris and Italy.

  • Stephanie Buttermore
    • I love watching fitness blogger Stephanie Buttermore’s amazing workout routine videos when I’m feeling lazy, and sometimes they even motivate me to get to the gym and try the moves out myself. She’s a total badass and her channel is the perfect place to draw some fitspiration.
  • — Ella Faust