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Your Ultimate Style Guide for LouFest 2014

It’s that time of the year again: COACHELLA! Okay, maybe not. But really, this weekend is LouFest, which is going to be an incredible two days filled with great music by bands such as Cake, The 1975, Matt and Kim, and OutKast (didn’t even know they were still a thing). While LouFest probably won’t attract the Kardashians, Victoria’s Secret models, or the hottest fashion bloggers, this event is certainly one where you can freely express your style. Here are some tips to fashionably dress yoself for this weekend:

1. Definitely wear closed-toe shoes. There is nothing more unoriginal than someone wearing broken-in, beat-up, but beautifully-awesome-because-of-their-dirtiness, Converse sneakers to a music festival. But hey, if you want to be a groupie, you have to dress like one. Plus, when everyone is moshing during Matt and Kim, you’ll be glad that your toes aren’t being stomped on. Other alternatives are booties, but proceed with caution because it’s going to be warm and no one likes stinky feet.

Chuck Taylor Classic in navy (Converse.com)

2. Who doesn’t love a good pair of jean shorts? They are comfortable, chic, and run through our Missourian blood. Get yourself a pair of distressed jean shorts, wear with a white tank, tie a plaid button down your waist, and complete the look with some cool accessories such as mirrored sunglasses or an awesome baseball hat. I’m sure that Andre 3000 will be asking for your number when he sees your fabulous outfit in the crowd.

Nasty Gal UNIF Hangover Shorts (Nastygal.com)

3. Can’t go wrong with a sundress. They’re flowy, comfortable, and really allow for bodily movements. I’m talking about dancing people– get your mind out of the gutter. Rock the dress with an awesome body chain, leather booties, or sneakers. Sass it up by showing off your shoulders. 

Charlotte Russe Printed Chiffon Surplice Halter Dress (Charlotterusse.com)

4. Where you gonna put your sh*t? This is the question that all girls have to ask themselves when they venture out for either a night on the town or on day adventures. Luckily, backpacks have come back into fashion, so get yourself a small one so you don’t whack the adjacent, over-eager fan while dancing to the latest Arctic Monkeys song. 

Brandy Melville Braided Leather Backpack (Brandymelvilleusa.com)

Another solution to this classic predicament is the utilitarian overall trend that has taken over Pinterest. Lucky for us Loufest attendees, overalls are not only stylish and trendy, but they also provide endless amounts of storage with all of their pockets. 

Forever 21 Blue Jeans Babe Overall Shorts (Forever21.com)

5. Throw on your kimono. These light wraps are a current trend, and are comfortable because of their sheer material. Not to mention, they are perfect for wearing over a black dress at the festival. They also can easily be worn throughout the summer and fall. 

Brandy Melville Alexis Kimono Top (Brandymelvilleusa.com)

6. While it might seem counterintuitive to wear a scarf to Loufest, considering this horrific heat, I am not advising you to wear just any old scarf. No, no. On the contrary, I’m saying that you should look into necklace scarves. These bad boys are a hot trend that will continue into fall and also add a unique edge to any simple outfit, easily transforming it into a festival-ready getup. As a plus, it acts as a bib so that while you’re chowing down on some fried ravioli and barbeque, your outfit won’t get ruined! I’m only partially kidding.

Roarke NYC Tulum Hand Beaded Bib Necklace (Taigan.com)

7. Break out your favorite headdress: These days, music festivals have become synonymous with headbands and anything to do with the 70s. Why not show off your inner flower child and wear one of these babies on your forehead? Just be careful not to get a groovy tan line (I apologize for the horrible pun—please don’t hold it against me).

Urban Outfitters Leaf Fringe Goddess Chain Headwrap (Urbanoutfitters.com)

8. Flash it at Loufest! Well, keep your clothes on, but wear Flash Tattoos. These awesome metallic temporary tattoos have taken over Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook alike, and for good reason. Create unique designs by layering different patterns on your wrists, arms, ankles, or basically wherever you want. They last a really long time, and people will ask you if they’re real (at least three people have asked me already…Don’t worry mom, they’re fake). 

Lena Flash Tattoos (Flashtat.com)

Can’t wait to see you all at Loufest in your fabulous ensembles!



Article cover photo by Taylor Ohman

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